The Flash Clean: Heroic Hacks for a Pristine Home, Fast

By Carl Pronti

The Flash Clean: Heroic Hacks for a Pristine Home, Fast

Whether you’re hosting a last-minute dinner party, or you simply don't have the time to deep clean your home, what can you do to clean your house in a flash? You may not have superpowers, but we've got the next best thing - a selection of lightning-fast cleaning products and savvy hacks that will make your home sparkle in no time.

So, get ready to assemble your trusty cleaning caddy, your faithful companion in this whirlwind clean-up operation. When time is of the essence, just grab it and let the cleaning blitz begin!


The first and easiest way to make a major dent in house cleaning is to declutter. Clearing countertops can make a major difference quickly, it also makes it much easier to wipe down those surfaces when they're free and clear of clutter. Get everyone in the family involved and clear those surfaces quickly.

Be sure to empty all the bins and take the rubbish out as well, that's a key part of the decluttering journey. Leave that job for last so all the rubbish makes it out in one trip. Do the dishes as well, an empty sink is a must when hosting visitors.

Areas of Interest

You don't need to waste time cleaning every room in your house from top to bottom. All you need to do is focus on any rooms where your guests are likely to spend time – the entryway, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living area.

Focus your attention here for decluttering, dusting, and surface cleaning. As for the floors, a quick sweep or mop should suffice to take care of any visible dust or dirt while you carry on with other tasks.

Spot Clean

If you still don't have time to tackle the rooms where your guests are likely to hang out, you can save more time with a handy spot-clean. Decluttering done, you can spot clean what needs the most attention – likely the bathroom. Give the toilet a clean, wipe your sink down, make sure there is soap, fill the toilet roll, and place a clean hand towel on the rail.

If you have pets, you may need to take extra steps to combat their contribution. Empty and clean the litter box, run a lint roller over the furniture, and be sure to hoover.

However you choose to spot clean, just make sure you wipe down your surfaces – if your home looks clean at a glance, nobody will take a closer look.

Fresh Air

Nothing clears musty odours like opening your windows and letting fresh air in – and hey, it's a great way to improve your indoor air quality at the same time. So, if the weather allows, let a breeze fly through. The natural flow of air can also help to dissipate any cleaning product fumes, leaving your home not only looking fresh but smelling naturally clean and inviting.

CleanHQ stocks a wide range of cleaning products and accessories perfect to build your cleaning caddy sidekick. Don't underestimate the power of having the right cleaning products on hand when you need them in a pinch. If you need a hero, let CleanHQ take flight.

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