Conquer Smudges: Unleashing the Power of Microfibre

By Carl Pronti

Conquer Smudges: Unleashing the Power of Microfibre

Step into a world where gleaming glass and spotless windows are not just a dream, but a reality! Forget about the old wives' tales involving vinegar or newspaper — it's time for a modern solution.

The secret weapon? A trusty microfibre cloth.

And its name is Minky!

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Have you ever admired a window so clean that it almost looked invisible? The secret to achieving such crystal clarity lies in the cloth you use. Kitchen rolls and similar products leave traces of lint and debris on your windows, which makes them look hazy in the wrong light. And many cleaning clothes hold onto residue from cleaners and laundry detergents, affecting the final sparkle. And let’s not even start on the streaky aftermath of squeegees!

Enter the Minky Glass and Window cloth. This microfibre marvel tackles smudges and smears easily without leaving any trace. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Minky Glass and Window Cloth is you don't need any window cleaners to make full use of its powers. A simple dip in warm water followed by a good wring is all it takes to tackle those pesky smears, transforming the daunting task of window cleaning into a breeze.

But every superhero needs a trusty sidekick. And if your superpowered Minky Glass and Window cloth needs help, it has one in Astonish Glass and Window Cleaner. It's the perfect ally to tackle stubborn grimy windows. So, if you have small children that press their sticky hands against the glass or a dog that can't stop licking windows, you have a powerful friend in Minky and Astonish.

Used together, they form an unbeatable team. Astonish loosens and breaks down the dirt, while the Minky Cloth sweeps it away, leaving no traces behind. This combination not only ensures an effective clean but also reduces the time and effort you need to put into the task. Plus, using them together can prolong the life of your window surfaces, as the gentle yet effective cleaning prevents scratches and other damage.

Embrace the Magic of Microfibre

Your Minky Glass and Window cloth was built to last as well – when you're done washing your windows, simply leave it to soak it in hot water and wring it out thoroughly before leaving it flat to dry properly. There's no need to use cleaning agents or even wash it with your towels – it's low maintenance.

Minky Glass and Window cloths aren't just handy for tackling your windows either – you can use them to wipe down all your mirrors, glass front art and photos, countertops, and of course, your car windows. If you miss a spot, there's no need to panic. It couldn't be easier to grab your cloth and revisit the smudge you missed – there's no hassle with spraying cleaner and making matters worse. Instead of washing the window all over again, it's a simple spot clean.

If you are looking for smear-free window cleaning cloths or any other cleaning products, CleanHQ stocks a wide range of options. From Minky Cloths to surface wipes, toilet cleaners, and beyond – you can build a full cleaning kit for any room of the house.


  • Yes I hv been cleaning for over 25 yrs n mirrors & windows and any type of glass is not my forte
    So plz help me out
    I do use microfiber towels but cleaning mirrors still come out bad looking., I use newspaper paper towels
    It’s just so frustrating
    Iam very interested if your product works j
    Plz if you can help me out I be forever grateful

    Nori Hammond on

  • Yes I’m interested I clean homes for over 20 yrs and I do not like cleaning mirrors or windows I can’t seem to find the right product.
    I hv used microfiber towels butb

    Nori Hammond on

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