No More Stink! How to Fight Germs Without Nasty Odours

By Carl Pronti

No More Stink! How to Fight Germs Without Nasty Odours

In the battle against germs and bacteria, the mightiest warriors eliminate 99.99% of these microscopic foes. Yet, victory often comes at a price – the nasty chemical smell that gets stuck in your throat and lives rent-free in your nose for days. But what if you could have the triumph without the tribulation?

Enter Fabulosa, the superhero of cleaning products, packing a punch against germs without the notorious stench of war. Its secret weapon? An array of delightful fragrances that transform your home from a battlefield into a fragrant paradise. With Fabulosa, you get the same antibacterial protection, but with a twist - a cleaning product that doesn't smell like one.

From the fun, fruity scent of the Rainbow Drops washing-up liquid to the Electrify Anti-Bac spray known for its warm, spicy scent, you can deep clean every inch of your home with Fabulosa products and sit back and enjoy a clean, lovely-smelling house.

Bacteria Busting 

Fabulosa products have been proven to kill campylobacter, coronavirus, E. coli, influenza, listeria, MRSA, salmonella, and Type A H1N1. This means all Fabulosa's products are designed with your entire house in mind. You simply need to select the perfect product to clean every room of your house – from sanitising your kitchen counters to cleaning the shower.  

That's the minimum you would expect of a serious cleaning product, but the reality is that Fabulosa is so much more than a cleaning product. You don't have to live with nasty chemical smells invading all your senses. A lot of people with skin conditions and respiratory issues are particularly sensitive to cleaning products. Not with Fabulosa.

The antibacterial spray is a powerful disinfectant, removing bacteria, viruses, and odour-creating micro-organisms. So, you aren't just benefiting from the lovely smell of each Fabulosa product, it's actively working against the organisms causing the nasty odours in the first place! It's not a cover-up, it's a grime-buster.

A Wide Range of Products to Choose From

Fabulosa produces a vast selection of cleaning products, designed for use for general household tasks, as well as specific cleans to tackle bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, fabric, carpet, and even air care. Over the coming months, the Fabulosa range available in Australia will be expanding to include more of these wonderful products.

Fabulosa is a cruelty-free product, so you can rest easy knowing the company only sources raw materials from reputable manufacturers and carries out regular verification checks to ensure they meet their cruelty-free promise. The packaging it comes in is also fully recyclable, so Fabulosa endeavours to be an environmentally friendly business.

Whatever grime, dirt, and mildew build up, Fabulosa products will cut right through it with ease. It's the most efficient way to keep your entryway, living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms grime-free and sparkling clean. It's an essential cleaning product for every home.

Luckily, you can find the full range available from CleanHQ. We also stock a variety of additional cleaning products, so you can create a grime-busting cleaning kit to tackle any mess in no time at all.


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