Elevate Your Spring Clean: The 6 Must-Have Products for 2023

By Carl Pronti

Elevate Your Spring Clean: The 6 Must-Have Products for 2023

With spring rapidly approaching, it's time to start thinking about the typical deep clean. This year, you can go above and beyond with some heavyweight products sure to make the process simpler, if not enjoyable.

1. Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

Your pet might be part of the family, but that doesn't mean you love dealing with heaps of pet hair on your furniture and textiles. Luckily, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is here to the rescue – simply add it to your next load of pet bedding and watch it get to work. Not only will it clean your pet's bedding and toys, but it dissolves the hair entirely leaving your washing machine hair-free and clean as well. It doesn't contain chlorine or bleach, so it's perfectly safe for your furry friends. It's the hygienic, efficient way to tackle pet hair.

2. The Pink Stuff Foaming Toilet Cleaner

There are few toilet cleaning products more efficient than The Pink Stuff's Foaming Toilet Cleaner. It's also simple to use – all you need to do is add a sachet to your toilet, distribute it evenly with your toilet brush, and walk away. While you put your powers to use elsewhere, the foam activates and goes into deep clean mode. Give it ten minutes and when you come back you are a single flush away from toilet bowl perfection.

3. PowerPaste by Scrub Daddy

If you want to clean, polish and protect, then there is only one solution – and it's one that can do it all! Scrub Daddy's PowerPaste is a versatile product, whether you need help tackling the stubborn oven grease or your bathroom tiles need a refresh. PowerPaste comes equipped with its own sponge and all you need to do is lightly dampen it before dipping into the paste. In no time at all, you'll have a foam to tackle soap scum, limescale, mildew, or grease.

4. Minky Kitchen Pad

If you are looking for a hero with multiple powers, the Minky Kitchen Pad has a lot to shout about. This anti-bacterial cleaning pad provides scratch-free scrubbing power ideal for cleaning countertops and sinks, but it's also the ideal tool for buffing stainless steel to a perfect shine. It's suitable for use with or without cleaning products.

5. Astonish Cup Clean

If your cups and mugs are looking worse for wear, spring cleaning is the perfect time to break out the big guns. Astonish Cup Clean is the superhero you have been looking for to erase those stains. It will banish stains from more than just your hot beverage containers. It's suitable for use on glazed ceramics, plastic pots/flasks, stainless steel, and glass.

6. Fabulosa Washing Up Liquid Rainbow Drops

Washing up might not feel like fun, but with a bit of whimsy and a great cleaning product, it can be. Fabulosa offers a wide range of divine-smelling cleaning products, but the Rainbow Drops washing up liquid is next level. It goes above and beyond every time. It doesn't just smell great, it cuts through grime with ease.

Whether you are building a detailed cleaning kit to tackle your deep spring clean or you need to pick up a few items to round yours out, CleanHQ stocks a wide range of products to choose from.



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