Master Your Cleaning with Scrub Daddy's 5 Superpowers

By Carl Pronti

Master Your Cleaning with Scrub Daddy's 5 Superpowers

The Scrub Daddy officially launched in 2012, and it has had quite a decade in the spotlight. While the company initially launched with just its grime-fighting sponge, it now has so many more brilliant products to offer. Still, the Scrub Daddy is ready to answer the bat signal any time of day or night. With so many superpowers on offer, we narrow it down to Scrub Daddy's big five!

1. Changes Texture

Cold water provides you with a firm texture and hot water is the opposite, which is an excellent way to utilise a two-in-one dishwashing tool! Whether you're tackling caked-on pans after baking your weekly lasagna or simply washing your favourite wine glasses, the Scrub Daddy can answer your call.

2. Scratch Free

The Scrub Daddy is made using FlexTexture, it's a polymer that is exclusive to the brand. One of the benefits of this highly-engineered material is it's scratch-free, which means you can safely use your Scrub Daddy on delicate surfaces. Whether you have a sink full of non-stick pans to wash or stainless steel countertops and appliances to wipe down, the Scrub Daddy can help save the day.

3. Resists Odours

The foam used to make the Scrub Daddy has been extensively lab-tested and when used under normal conditions, will remain odour-free for up to eight weeks. Every superhero needs a sidekick, so make sure that you do your part by wringing your Scrub Daddy out when you're finished and storing it properly – whether you use the official Scrub Daddy Caddy or not. You can also pop it in the dishwasher for a quick and simple clean.

4. Lasts Longer Than Other Sponges

Perhaps its greatest superpower is its lasting power. Scrub Daddies last much longer than other sponges because they resist odours and stand up to tough tasks. While traditional sponges should be disposed of and replaced every two weeks, the Sponge Daddy can last up to two months! Not all heroes wear capes, and the Scrub Daddy doesn't need to.

5. Deep Cleaning

Thanks to Scrub Daddy's smiling face and wide eyes, you can get a good strong grip to tackle even the deepest clean with ease. With this design, you can easily reach the bottom of tall objects and get into the nooks and crannies of every dish. When you activate the firm texture with cold water, it's much easier to tackle tougher tasks.

With this super scrubbing hero on your side, there's no dish too tough to handle. While many people choose to use their Scrub Daddy sponges in the kitchen, they can do much more than wash a dish.

There's no better tool for scrubbing the bath, tackling outdoor furniture, walls, and baseboards. With so many different colours and designs available, you can assign each special sponge a specific room or task. Luckily, it isn't just a smiling scrubber you have on your side.

Scrub Daddy has a range of products, from sponges and scourers to pastes and sprays. You can find the full Scrub Daddy range at CleanHQ.



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