Clean Your Bathroom With The Power of Pink

By Carl Pronti

Clean Your Bathroom With The Power of Pink

As the most visited room in the home, the bathroom needs extra attention when it comes to cleaning. It is the one room in the house that is consistently used by every member of the family, as well as guests. So, you must clean every inch of it, and to do so, you need to invest in the right cleaning products for every task. All you need is… The Pink Stuff. At least, that is all you need to clean your bathroom.

The Shower

In the shower, there is nothing better than The Pink Stuff Paste. You can use it on tile grout and tackle soap scum with it. This miracle cleaning paste is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and in addition to being useful in the bathroom, you can also use it to tackle glass, rust, sinks, and more. Beyond that, The Pink Stuff Bathroom Cleaner is also a must-have cleaning solution for tackling even the toughest shower. It penetrates right through the most stubborn grime.

The Basin

When you tackle the basin, you can use the Pink Stuff Paste for the sink itself, as well as the taps and faucet. It can get through rust and limescale, and buff it until it shines. For the counters, use The Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose to finish the job. It is suitable for every surface.

The Mirrors

Luckily, The Pink Stuff also makes Window Cleaner, which is the perfect solution for tackling your mirrors. You will have streak-free, shiny glass in no time at all. It will even cut through grease and grime.

The Toilets

There are two excellent options when it comes to tackling your toilets. The Pink Stuff Toilet Cleaner Gel is a weekly solution to keep your toilet sparkling clean. There is also The Pink Stuff Foaming Toilet Cleaner which comes in a sachet you dump directly into the water. It rises as it develops, you can distribute it evenly with the toilet brush and then give it ten minutes to do the job. From there, all you had to do is give the toilet a quick scrub with your brush and then flush. It really is as simple as that. Don't forget a multi-purpose spray to tackle the exterior of the toilet, you can spray the entire toilet and wipe it down or use anti-bacterial wipes.

The Towels

Don't worry, The Pink Stuff even has the perfect product to launder your textiles, the brand stocks Laundry Liquid, both Bio and Non, and Laundry Conditioner for the softest and fluffiest bathroom towels. Towels quickly accumulate bacteria, sweat, and dead skin cells so it is important to wash them regularly. You should wash your hand towels every two days or so, and your bath towels every three days. Of course, you can wash them more regularly if necessary.

You can find the full range of The Pink Stuff on CleanHQ, along with a vast selection of additional cleaning products, whether you want to deep clean the entire home or focus on one room.


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