The cleaning hacks taking over TikTok

By Carl Pronti

The cleaning hacks taking over TikTok

We all love discovering a new cleaning innovation that makes difficult chores easier to manage. If you’re looking for fantastic cleaning hacks to tackle stubborn problems, TikTok is packed full of clever tips and tricks. In this blog post, we look at some of the game-changing cleaning hacks that are taking over TikTok.

Get more from your Scrub Daddy

You might have already seen Scrub Daddy on TikTok, but are you using yours as effectively as possible? One TikTok user recently revealed that Scrub Daddy’s face and hair isn’t just there to look cute.

You can thoroughly clean hard to reach areas like the inside of cups and glasses using Scrub Daddy’s hair – the spiky hairstyle is ideal for getting into corners, rims, and stubborn spots. Added to that, the eyes and mouth are perfect for scrubbing cutlery or utensils. Items like spoons, knives, and forks fit easily into your Scrub Daddy’s mouth for effortless cleaning.

Clean up all those stubborn stains

If stubborn stains and dirty marks are frustrating you, there’s a solution that TikTok users are raving about. Countless users have been demonstrating how The Pink Stuff miraculously removes tough dirt that other products cannot.

The Pink Stuff gently buffs away dirt and stains, as well as giving the affected surface a good clean for really impressive results. One TikTok fan showed how the product cut through the dirt and grease inside her oven door – which hadn’t been cleaned for 10 years! With a bit of scrubbing, the oven door was good as new after she used this product.

Clean walls without ruining paintwork

If you need to banish dirty marks from walls without wrecking the paintwork, there’s a solution that’s taking TikTok by storm. It’s a money saver too – repairing or repainting damaged paintwork can be costly, even if it’s only a small area.

After one user’s child recently covered her walls with pen drawings, she showed how her Scrub Daddy flawlessly removed the marks whilst leaving the paintwork unscathed. With a drop of water and some elbow grease, the wall was restored to its former glory with no trace of her toddler’s artwork.


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