5 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Busy Parents

By Carl Pronti

5 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Busy Parents

Modern life can be difficult to juggle, and we all know just how messy kids can be! From muddy knees to messy bedrooms to changing the dreaded nappy bin, it's always a challenge to keep your house tidy! If you feel like you spend all of your time cleaning up after them, without any progress, check out our five favourite cleaning tips for parents!

Clean the shower while you're in it!

If you never get time to clean your bathroom, why not clean while you're in the shower! Grab a Scrub Daddy so you don't need sprays or other cleaning products and scrub while you're letting your conditioner soak into your hair. The warm water will soften your Scrub Daddy sponge so you can get great results in no time.

Get the little ones involved

If your kids are big enough to help out, make cleaning fun and get them involved in tidying up. You could create a cleaning roster, reward them with a treat or make a fun game out of a boring task like putting laundry away.

Get The Pink Stuff out

You don't have time to hunt through a full cleaning cupboard looking for specific products. Choose an all-round cleaning paste like The Pink Stuff to get rid of stains on a variety of surfaces like cooker tops and ceramic tiles. This miracle cleaning paste will save you hours!

Clean before you finish

If you're doing a big craft project or you're having a family baking day, make sure tidying up is part of the process. Don't let everyone go until the dishes are washed, the craft materials are put away and the sides are wiped down and clean. Make this part of the routine so your kids expect to tidy as part of the activity.

Sanitise toys in the dishwasher

If your little one's toys are starting to look a little grim, you can sanitise many of them in the dishwasher! From teething rings to plastic blocks, loads of baby toys are dishwasher safe and it can save you hours of scrubbing. The hot water and soap can remove any germs, so you don't have to worry.


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