3 Ways To Use The Pink Stuff - The Viral Cleaning Product

By Carl Pronti

3 Ways To Use The Pink Stuff - The Viral Cleaning Product

If you haven’t heard of the miracle cleaning paste The Pink Stuff, where have you been? The product has become so popular on social media that #thepinkstuff has been used a whopping ninety million times on Tiktok.

After becoming a sell-out product in the UK, the new product has now landed in Australia.

This pink paste can be used in almost every area of the home and is eco-friendly, but if you have never used it before, here are some great ways to make the most of it.

1. Ceramic tiles

Tiles and the grouting surrounding them can become very susceptible to dirt, mould, and can stain easily over time. Fortunately, the pink stuff can transform your dull, dirty tiles into sparkling ones.

Using a Scrub Daddy, apply the cleaning product to any discoloured grouting or tiles. Leave the paste where it is for 10 minutes and then go back and scrub it with your Scrub Daddy. Rinse the paste and voila!

2. Oven hob

The tops of hobs are notoriously difficult to clean. However, The Pink Stuff can remove even the toughest of stains. Place on the desired area for 10 minutes and then gently wipe off with your sponge. If needs be, leave the paste on longer to tackle any burnt bits or harsher stains.

3. Trainers

Trainers are difficult to clean, but they are the type of clothing that gets the dirtiest! You’ll be surprised at how The Pink Stuff can work to turn dull trainers into their brilliant-white best.

All you have to do is apply the cleaning cream to the outside of the shoe. After a minute, use a rinsed sponge to wipe away the paste.

The Pink Stuff has revolutionised the way millions of people clean. Get your very own The Pink Stuff bundle today!


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