5 Reasons To Do An Autumn Clean

By Carl Pronti

5 Reasons To Do An Autumn Clean

Preparing for a seasonal clean of your home is not an easy undertaking, but if you're tempted to skip it, here are 5 reasons not to.

We have all heard about a spring clean and what it entails, but an autumn clean? The truth is, every season should motivate you to do a big clean to keep your home well maintained. 

As the autumn season sets in, and the country retreats indoors with the central heating turned up high, it is the optimum time to safeguard your home against bugs and germs - and that means conducting a thorough clean. 

Here are 5 reasons to do an autumn clean to remain comfortable during the cooler months.

1. Clean House = Clean Mind

Decluttering, cleaning, donating, or throwing unwanted things away will help you step into winter able to enjoy your space. This will have a huge benefit on your overall mental health which positively impacts your physical wellbeing too.

2. Refresh Your Bedding

Washing your bed sheets every other week is good, but what about your mattress, duvets, and pillows? Humans expel around 200ml of sweat and several hundreds of dead skin cells each night, not to mention microscopic dust mites that thrive in their thousands in unwashed mattresses, beddings, and duvets.

Make sure you have a washable duvet that can be washed in a domestic washing machine set at 60 degrees, the recommended temperature that kills microscopic mites. Such duvets can be cleaned regularly without losing loft.

3. Spring Was How Long Ago?

Cleaning every part of the house thoroughly is not an easy task that you can perform every day. We have all errands to run daily, and we just do light cleaning to keep our houses appealing. As we approach winter, it is now a good opportunity to give your home that well deserved thorough cleaning.

4. Bacteria Loves To Keep Warm

We all love to be warm and toasty during the winter months, but your central heating unit can have an adverse effect on your health. It is an ideal location for mould, bacteria, and dust mites to grow and multiply. These can trigger respiratory conditions like asthma. A thorough clean of your heating unit will ensure all these possible ailment triggers are eliminated.

5. Who You Gonna Call.. Germ Busters!

They appear to be clean on the surface, but your sofa and carpet could be harbouring harmful bacteria and germs that could immediately flourish when your house environment becomes warm and humid. The beginning of autumn is a good time to get your sofas and carpets cleaned professionally.

If your cleaning supplies are looking a little sad, check out our online store to refresh your arsenal and prepare to banish those bugs from your home!


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