Top Hacks to Clean Your Kitchen Like A Pro

By Carl Pronti

Top Hacks to Clean Your Kitchen Like A Pro

From dirty dishes and cooking spills to everyday messes, your kitchen sees a lot of action. It's one of the most trafficked areas of every home, the hub where everyone gravitates, whether it's to cook, eat or hang out. So, how can you keep your kitchen tidy and clean, so it remains a homey hub instead of a messy one?

  • Clean While You Sleep

A lot of people use the auto clean setting on the oven, but that is a high temperature, and it has been known to trigger fire alarms. Instead, use Astonish Oven and Grill Cleaner. It doesn't need overnight to settle, but it's a handy trick to save time. Dampen the applicator and apply the paste and tackle the problem the next morning. It isn't suitable for use on Teflon coating. While the Astonish works overnight, you can soak the racks in the sink overnight.

  • Vacuum Attachments

Your vacuum came with a load of attachments, but how many of them do you use regularly? It's time to find out exactly what they're capable of, and the best place to start is in the kitchen. Forget fiddling around with crumbs and cloths, use the vacuum brush to tackle these problems, whether it's the pantry shelves or food cabinets. While you have the vacuum handy, you can use the attachments to give the curtains or blinds a quick clean as well.

  • Secure Containers

Plastic food containers are a great way to avoid cleaning too much – flour, sugar, and even cereals can create a mess. Cabinets coated with fine dust, cereal crumbs escaping from the bottom of a damaged cardboard box – it can be a never-ending task. Plastic containers can solve that problem. Keep all your kitchen ingredients in clear storage containers and make sure they are labelled.

  • Clean As You Go

The easiest and most efficient way to keep your kitchen clean and tidy is to clean as you go. Don't let your dishes stack up; wash, dry and put them away as soon as you're done with them, whether it's a single plate from lunch or several pots and pans after preparing a meal. And once the dishes are done, be sure to wipe down the backsplash and deal with any spills before they have a chance to stain or stick. Don't forget the countertops and floors!

You can also regularly wipe down condiment bottles, jars, and any other countertop items. Cooking grease settles faster than you may realise and before you know it, the exterior of your appliances is thick with grime. It's much harder to clean them at this point, and it can feel like too big a job. So, by tackling it as you go, you make less work for yourself in the long run.

You can save on cleaning by taking proactive steps. For example, use a liner on your baking trays – even if it's simply baking paper. It minimises the clean-up you need to tackle, and it makes the cooking experience much more enjoyable knowing the clean-up at the end is a cinch. You can even use drawer liners or trays in the fridge and freezer to make life easier than ever. Need inspiration? Visit the CleanHQ shop and see what you can find.


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