5 Little Known Scrub Daddy Cleaning Hacks You NEED To Know

By Carl Pronti

5 Little Known Scrub Daddy Cleaning Hacks You NEED To Know

Scrub Daddy is the famous cleaning sponge that has taken the world by storm. Made using FlexTexture, the composition of the sponge changes based on whether you are using hold or cold water. This allows the sponge to scrub even the toughest grim or it softens up for a gentler approach. What started as a tool to make hand cleaning easier has become a must-have for every home. But what else is the Scrub Daddy capable of?

1. Limescale

If you have a hard water problem, the Scrub Daddy can help you tackle it. It's much easier to remove limescale from faucets, taps, sinks, and baths with a Scrub Daddy in hand. It's also a handy tool for cutting through soap scum, dried-on toothpaste, and any other build-up in your sinks, baths, or shower doors.

2. Veggie Peeling

Why struggle with a vegetable peeler and create a mess when you can assign a specific Scrub Daddy product to scrub that skin off with ease? The food doesn't stick to the sponge, and it still leaves you with some of the nutrients found in the veggie skins. It's a win-win, and it makes the prospect of cooking a roast dinner much more exciting.

3. Burnt-On Food

Whether it's the oven or a baking dish, burnt-on foods are a struggle to remove. Rather than soaking it in water for a week, tackle it right away with a Scrub Daddy.

You can even use the jagged corners to get right into the rim and blades of your blender or juice, which are notoriously the most difficult to tackle.

4. Deep Cleans

Whether it's mouldy grout or stubborn tiles, the Scrub Daddy does a great job tackling any kind of deep cleaning. It's tough to get to the points where the bath and tiles meet. It's just as useful for shining up metal fixtures, whether you're spring-cleaning lamps and light switches or wiping down your taps.

Deep clean the drum of your washing machine, particularly the filter where all the smells and gunk get trapped. Use a Scrub Daddy to deep clean your chopping boards and even get into the deep scratches in flooring and tables. You might as well tackle your microwave while you're at it.

5. Take Him Outdoors

The best way to keep your gardening tools in good condition is by cleaning them after every use, and the Scrub Daddy does a great job of removing caked-on dirt. You can also use your Scrub Daddy to scrub your alloys, tackle residue from surfaces, and even to clean your hot tub. It's a handy way to remove bird poo from windows and outdoor furniture as well.

With a range of Scrub Daddy products to choose from, be sure to invest in the caddy to store yours when they aren't in use. Sure, you can keep using yours to wash the dishes and make cutlery cleaning light work. But why stop there when there is so much more a Scrub Daddy can do for you?


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