7 Places You Absolutely Have To Clean Before Guests Arrive

By Carl Pronti

7 Places You Absolutely Have To Clean Before Guests Arrive

Whether the holiday season is approaching or you're simply hosting friends, preparing your home for guests is stressful. You might feel compelled to deep clean the entire house from top to bottom, but there are really just seven key places you need to tackle before your guests arrive.

Your home might be a reflection of you, but you don't have to feel overwhelmed when preparing for guests. However, your cleaning path should start at the front door. This streamlined list will help you hit all the high-traffic spots and make sure you're ready for even the poshest guests.

1.The Entryway

This is your chance to make a positive first impression and provide your guests with a warm welcome. Declutter the area first, and make sure you clean the windows and doors. You can easily tackle fingerprints and smudges. If you have a hall closet where you store coats, you may want to give this a tidy as well.

2.The Kitchen

You don't need to move appliances and deep clean the oven, but you should give your countertops, cabinetry, and the exterior of your appliances a good clean. You may want to ensure the microwave and fridge are particularly clean if your guests will be helping themselves.

3.The Guest Bathroom

You don't need to worry about cleaning every bathroom in your home, just the one your guests are going to use. Make sure it is well stocked with toilet tissue, that it's squeaky clean, and that there are fresh flowers or candles to create a warm touch.

4.The Furniture

This is particularly important if you have children or pets because crumbs and hair tend to get everywhere. Use your vacuum to remove the initial layer of grime, and if that's not sufficient, use a brush to lift any excess debris.

5.The Switches & Knobs

Switches and knobs are the most common hotspots for germs because a lot of different hands touch them. Anti-bacterial wipes are the perfect solution to wipe down these spots and keep bacteria at bay. Don't forget banisters if you have stairs in your home.

6.The Surfaces

Whether it's a quick dusting or a deeper clean, don't forget the televisions, blinds, coffee tables, electrical items, and mirrors. These are often overlooked, but they collect dust rapidly. Just focus on the areas where guests will gather.

7.The Flooring

The floors are another key spot your guests are sure to notice, but you can leave them until the end. That way, any other cleaning and dusting you do won't undo the hard work. Fabulosa's Lemon Sherbet anti-bacterial floor cleaner is an excellent option to get your hard floors clean and leave your air fresh. Of course, once all your cleaning is finished, you should ensure all your rubbish bins are emptied, wiped down, and fresh for guests.

Whatever cleaning equipment or products you need, Clean HQ stocks a wide range of top brands. You are sure to find everything you need to get your home sparkling in no time. 


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