The Lazy Person's Guide to Cleaning: Genius Hacks for a Tidy Home with Carl Pronti

By Carl Pronti

The Lazy Person's Guide to Cleaning: Genius Hacks for a Tidy Home with Carl Pronti


A clean house is the ideal, but the cleaning aspect of that task is often the biggest problem. You don't need to be a lazy person to want to benefit from genius cleaning hacks, but if you hate cleaning… help is at hand.

  • Tackle Grout With Toilet Cleaner

If you have a problem with grimy grout, toilet cleaner might be precisely what you have been searching for. All you need to do is apply it to the grout and leave it to sit while you go continue your cleaning elsewhere. All it will take is a gentle scrub with a Scrub Daddy to wipe it right off, rinse it with water, and your grout will look as good as new. Minimal effort for a major payoff.

  • Robot Vacuum

What better cleaning hack than one where you don't have to do anything? You can set up the schedule with the compatible app and let it run on its own. If you opt for a combined mop and hoover robot vacuum, it can even tackle your hard floors as well as carpeting. You will still need to vacuum, but with the robot picking up daily, you can tackle deep cleans with confidence.

  • Spot Clean

You've heard of clean as you go, now it's time to get comfortable with spot cleaning. Spot cleaning makes cleaning simple because it means you have to do less of it. If you wipe up a spill or clean a dirty spot as soon as you see it, it's easy. There's no time for staining, there's no time for it to soak in or crust, it's done and dusted as soon as it happens, which means cleaning is easier. It means there's less need for those bigger cleans that take up so much of your time. And, your home will feel cleaner too.

  • Cleaning Kits

The best cleaning hack is to keep the cleaning products you need for each room in that room. Think first aid kit, but for cleaning. It's easier to get cleaning when the suppliers are on hand. You can transfer most cleaning solutions into smaller bottles, just be sure to label them. You can keep a bit in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, in the handiest closet, and in each of the bedrooms as well. All you need is cloths, wipes, anti-bac spray, glass cleaner, and sponges for the tough stuff.

  • Erase With Magic

If you have trouble getting dirt and grime off of textured surfaces like appliances, mouldings, handles, doors or trim, then the magic eraser is what you need. It can tackle smudges of all kinds and it's so easy to use.

  • Remove Stubborn Stains

If you have particularly stubborn stains, try using a can of compressed air to blast at them. The first step is to loosen up the dirt with a brush and then blast it with compressed air. It's easy to wipe up the debris or use a handheld vacuum. This is also a particularly useful tip for vents or gridded areas. A stiff brush can tackle remote controls, window tracks, shower frames, and light switches.

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