CleanHQ’s Cleaning Hacks for Tackling Grime Around the House with Carl Pronti

By Carl Pronti

CleanHQ’s Cleaning Hacks for Tackling Grime Around the House with Carl Pronti

The unique ways you can use our fabulous range of products may surprise you. In fact, they just might transform your cleaning game, whether it's deep cleaning the air fryer or destaining your coffee cups. With hacks in hand, you will never feel more motivated to tackle the grime and clutter in your home.

Deal with Dust

What better way to fight dust than with dust, Fabulosa Unicorn Dust to be exact? It smells incredible, makes dusting simple, and it can help repel dust as well. So, dusting can be a job you tackle less frequently.

Keep Your Air Fryer Fresh

If you want to cut through grease and have the freshest air fryer on the block, the Pink Stuff Wash Up spray, and if you need something stronger – there's always the Pink Stuff's Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Spray either solution on your basket and leave it to soak for ten minutes before washing it as normal.

Sparkling Clean Bins

All you need for this trick is a Minky cloth and your favourite essential oil, whether it's lemon or lavender. Place a few drops of oil on your cleaning pad and stick it in the bottom of your bin before you place the liner.

Tackle Discoloured Cups & Mugs

Astonish Specialist Cup Cleaner is a hack in a mug – ditching all those coffee and tea stains is a breeze with this handy cleaning product. All you need is half a teaspoon in each item and fill it with almost boiling water. In an hour or two, you will have the easiest dish wash session of your life. If you're tackling flasks or teapots you may need to use a full teaspoon or repeat the process to shift the most stubborn stains.

You can also use a smaller amount in a pot of hot water to boil and clean your wooden cooking spoons. Give them 20 minutes and let them dry.

Cabinet Dusting Made Simple

A cleaning cloth and a mop is all you need to dust down all of your cabinets and cupboards. Wrap the cloth around the head of the mop and go to town – it's easier if you use a Fabulosa anti-bacterial spray to get all those difficult-to-reach spots. All those sticky surfaces that pick up dust and grime from cooking are easy to clean with this handy hack.

Easy Dusting

There are so many areas to dust in your home, it's easy to forget about things like baseboards, blinds, railings, and mirrors. But with the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster, everything is simpler. It arrives pre-moistened, but you should dampen it a little before use to soften the foam – it's perfect for dusting just about anything.

Scrub Your Shower

The Dish Daddy makes washing up simple, but it's also a great way to scrub your shower clean. Just add your washing-up liquid of choice and a bit of vinegar and go to town. Not only will it make the job easier, but the vinegar will also help break down and prevent soap scum.

Get your house sparkling clean with these great cleaning hacks. They’re easy, cost-effective, and will save you time and energy for a cleaner home.


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