Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions: How CleanHQ is Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

By Carl Pronti

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions: How CleanHQ is Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions have grown in popularity in recent years. They help reduce emissions, and plastic waste, and assist in the battle against climate issues. We still need effective cleaners, we just want them to be sustainable as well. There are major benefits to choosing eco-friendly cleaning solutions and CleanHQ is ready to stand at the forefront of the battle. 

Eco-Friendly Solutions

An eco-friendly cleaning solution is simply a product that is made without non-biodegradable chemicals. The formula used by eco-friendly cleaning solutions is typically biodegradable, and it is either packaged in a compostable package or at the very least free from single-use plastic.

These cleaning products are much safer for the local environment, which is good for the wider environment. As they typically embrace organic and natural substances, they are an excellent option. The key is finding a formula that will still kill bacteria, germs, and viruses to properly clean your home and CleanHQ has you covered.

Scrub Daddy & Minky

These big hitters in the business provide chemical-free cleaning products that are perfect for even the most stubborn work.

Scrub Daddy launched with a single product – an unbeatable sponge. Now you can choose from a wide range of products, including a PowerPaset, BBQ Daddy, and a range of Limited Edition sponges for a variety of tasks. You can colour-code yours by room or opt for different shapes. Minky makes anti-bacterial cleaning pads for specific rooms or uses, as well as clothes for cleaning.

Whichever brand you prefer, you don't need to worry about nasty chemicals.

The Pink Stuff & Koala Eco

If you are looking for cleaning solutions with natural ingredients, then The Pink Stuff and Koala Eco tick those boxes.

From the Pink Stuff's Miracle Cleaning Paste to stain remover to keep your whites white, the Pink Stuff offers a wide range of cleaning solutions using only natural ingredients. Koala offers a range of multi-purpose cleaners and 1L refillable bottles as well.

Scrub Daddy Recycling Rewards Program

Scrub Daddy has a Recycling Rewards Program, which is great news for the environment and for you. Together, with CleanHQ, Scrub Daddy is providing a recycling option. When your Scrub Daddy product is all used up, you can apply for a return, complete a form, and the company will provide you with mailing instructions. Once they receive your old sponge, they will recycle it and you will receive money off your next CleanHQ order!

Eco-friendly cleaning products are safer for the environment because traditional cleaners are VOC-heavy. Volatile Organic Compounds include ammonia and chlorine, which can damage nature and harm animals as well. They can also be corrosive, which is bad news for your surfaces. One of the major benefits of eco-friendly cleaning solutions is they are often multi-use, which means you don't need a million different cleaners to tackle your spring clean, which is a great way to conserve resources.

The best news is that you can shop for all of these brands and pick up a wide range of additional products when you shop at CleanHQ. CleanHQ is proud to stock eco-friendly cleaning products for every room and situation. We can make the environment a little bit better, one house at a time. 

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