The Story Behind Fabulosa: How the Brand Became a Household Name

By Tara Tyrrell

The Story Behind Fabulosa: How the Brand Became a Household Name

Today, it is on cleaning shelf aisles across the world, but Fabulosa's story only began in 2019. A family-owned and operated business launched a single product with three choices of fragrances. Now? There are over 150 different fragrances to choose from and the business has supplied millions of units.

Based in Crewe, in the northwest English county of Cheshire, Active Brand Concepts, created the disinfectant that has taken cleaning fans by storm. The company has been active for almost two decades and the concept for Fabulosa was borne from the idea to create a product to challenge the ever-popular Zoflora and command the same recognition as Dettol.

A Brand on the Rise

Social media has shone a new light on household cleaning, with people keen to share their cleaning hacks, cleaning tips, and even their favourite cleaning products. And the father-son team, Mike and James Sharpe, at Active Brand Concepts saw an opportunity they could not resist.

It first hit the shelves in the United Kingdom in early 2019, and the response was rapid. The company that stocked the product, HomeBargains, were selling over 1,000 units an hour. That launch allowed the company to secure shelf space in a range of major retailers.

Its popularity began before COVID-19, but with everyone across the world locked down together, the internet started paying particular attention to the social media posts involving Fabulosa.

It didn't take long for the rest of the world to sit up and take notice – with it being a popular option in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Malta, Portugal, France, and even the Caribbean. The popularity has been so overwhelming, the company upgraded to a new location moving into a new factory.

Plenty of Choices

A cleaning product does not achieve this level of success by chance – and it would not be able to maintain that level of success if it didn't do the job it promises to do. Fabulosa disinfects, removes dirt, removes grime, provides you with a long-lasting shine and it smells great, whichever fragrance you choose. The fact that it stands true to these promises is why its success is stratospheric.

There is something to be said about the selection of fragrances. Cleaning product scents can be overwhelming, especially when they have a strong chemical smell. It's nice to know you are walking into a clean home, but it isn't particularly welcoming. With Fabulosa, you can choose from a wide range of fragrances to ensure you walk into a clean and great-smelling home, whether you prefer Lemon Sherbet or Berry Fruit Tea. And Fabulosa isn't don't coming up with new scents, they are releasing brand-new fragrances and products all the time.

Lucky for cleaning product fanatics, Fabulosa did not stop at disinfectants! They are constantly innovating to expand the range. They have produced a selection of additional cleaning products, including antibacterial wipes, toilet cleaning gel, washing-up liquid, laundry cleanser, and multi-purpose anti-bacterial spray. What will they think of next? And in what fragrance? That Fabulosa Feeling is available to anyone, and you can find yours at CleanHQ


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