Product Spotlight – Cup Clean (It’s Not Just For Cups)

By Tara Tyrrell

Product Spotlight – Cup Clean (It’s Not Just For Cups)

Whether you know it as Cup Clean or Clean & Revive, this Astonish product will do more than just clean even the grimiest of cups and mugs. No tea or coffee stain is stubborn enough to survive a Cup Clean. But, what else can this product tackle?

Under The Spotlight

Cup Clean works like magic to remove coffee and tea stains from crockery. It's also suitable for use in teapots, wine decanters, flasks, coffee pots, mugs, glass, and stainless steel. It is formulated to tackle even the most stubborn stains, whether your dishwasher doesn't work hard enough or you hand-wash dishes and just can't budge those beverage stains. It should be used only on dishwasher-safe items. If you have plastic-coated flasks or resin-lined flasks, you should consult the manufacturer's guidelines before you use a special cleaning product.

The beauty of Cup Clean is you don't need to worry about any weird aftertaste as you get from bleach products. As long as you thoroughly rinse your crockery, your food and drinks will taste the same as always and your crockery will look brand new.

How To Use

Perhaps the best part is how easy Cup Clean is to use.

Get all of the crockeries you plan to clean in the sink; it is the safest place for this task. Cup Clean isn't dangerous, of course, but when you add water to the cleaning product you will see some hot foaming action that may overflow. And, you are trying to make cleaning easier, not give yourself an extra cleaning project.

If you're cleaning cups, you will need half a tablespoon of Cup Clean per cup or mug. If you are cleaning a pot or flask, then you will need a full tablespoon per item. Add almost boiling water to the top of your crockery and allow it to work and cool for around two hours.

Once the water has cooled, you can rinse all of your crockeries and clean them thoroughly with water. For particularly stubborn stains or heavily stained items, you may need to repeat the process. That's right, you don't need to use a sponge or scourer to scrub your crockery – the Cup Clean does the hard work and you just rinse the crockery.

Check out this great Reel on Instagram showing Cup Clean attacking the stains on a glass teapot.

Shop CleanHQ

If your favourite cup is badly stained, you no longer need to throw it out. You can easily shift those stains with Cup Clean. Just because your dishwasher can't get the job done, doesn't mean the job can't be done. Cup Clean will have your cups and mugs looking brand new in no time. You deal with enough cleaning challenges; you don't need another one when there is a simple solution a click away.

Cup Clean is easy to use, versatile, and efficient. If you're looking for Cup Clean or any other Astonish products, you will find them at CleanHQ. In addition to Astonishing Astonish products, you can shop a wide range of cleaning options, CleanHQ is your one-stop household cleaning shop. 


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