Astonishing Hacks For An Easier Clean

By Tara Tyrrell

Astonishing Hacks For An Easier Clean

The beauty of a great cleaning product is it does more than the label tells you. There are always astonishing hacks if you know where to look. In this case, you're in the right place for all the hacks when using Astonish's range of products.

Gleaming Grout

Whether it is mould and grime on your bathroom tiles or spaghetti sauce-spattered kitchen tiles, grout is a porous material that absorbs everything. Luckily, there is an Astonish product available to hack your way to gleaming grout. Astonish Mould & Mildew doesn't just tackle mouldy walls or tiles, you can also use it to brighten your grout. Astonish Mould & Mildew is truly the cleaning product that keeps giving.

Revive Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are a practical item. They keep water and moisture in the shower and bath area and out of the rest of the bathroom. They also provide you with added privacy while you're in the shower. Your shower curtains also provide a decorative aspect to your bathroom. Because of the job it does, it also ends up being one of the grubbiest items in your bathroom.

It soaks up all that moisture and attracts bacteria that can result in mould and mildew. But, thanks to Astonish Mould & Mildew, you can spray your shower curtain down and improve discoloured areas while getting rid of mould and mildew. Spray your curtain and sit back as the magic happens right in front of your eyes.

Squeaky Clean Saucepans

What's more frustrating than burnt-on foods and stubborn grease? Trying to clean burnt-on foods and stubborn grease! The good news is you can buy Astonish's award-winning Oven & Grill Cleaner that takes the extra effort out of those annoying everyday cleaning tasks. All you need to do is apply the paste and use the provided sponge to scrub those stubborn food stains and grime away effortlessly.

Rid Your Bathroom Of Dust

If you have a rust issue in your bathroom because you love chrome accessories, then there is a cleaning product for that. They are prone to leaving unsightly stains and rust in shower trays and baths, and luckily, you can clear them away with Oven & Grill Cleaner. Use the sponge to buff the rust and stains away. If you want to use the cleaning past, be careful with highly polished surfaces. The paste is mildly abrasive and isn't suitable for highly polished materials.

Get Your Sink Spick and Span

Astonish Cup Clean has a wide variety of uses and one of those is cleaning up a discoloured or dirty sink. All you need to do is add Cup Clean to your sink, fill it with hot water, and leave it to sit for at least an hour. Once the sink has had time to soak, drain the water, and wipe your sink down for a sparkling clean finish. It isn't just your kitchen sink this is useful for; you can use it in your bathroom sinks too.

Whether you want to use the Astonishing hacks listed above or you'd rather use the Astonish products for their intended purpose, you can shop Clean HQ for the full range of Astonish products. 


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