CleanHQ’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips

By Tara Tyrrell

CleanHQ’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips

It's an annual ritual – every year you break out all of your cleaning gear to get your home into shape. It's a way of putting the mess of winter behind us and preparing for the upcoming warm weather. It's the warmer weather than often gives us the mood boost and energy necessary to tackle all the chores we didn't feel up to during the winter months. You can find checklists and guides all over the internet, but none of those helps you get the job done more efficiently. These tips, however, will.

Divide & Conquer

As tempting as it is to spend a full weekend spring cleaning until the job is done, it is better to think of it as a long-term task. You shouldn't have to exhaust your body and mind to get it done quickly. Make a spring cleaning list (or download one from the internet) and break it down into reasonable chunks. While there are a variety of ways to break it down, it's best to focus on one room at a time. This isn't procrastination, it's focusing to increase your productivity. When you finish the room, that visual will motivate you to keep going for the rest of your home.

Rewarding Tasks

The visual of a completed task will be your motivation so start with the task that will be most rewarding. For example, your bedroom or a shared living area like the kitchen, bathroom or living room. The after-effect should help spur you into completing the rest of your list as you enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Organise Your Supplies

Whether you are into Minky products or prefer Scrub Daddy or the Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste, your supplies have to be in order. So, before you start your spring clean, and after your checklist is ready – check your supplies. You need bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, mould and mildew cleaner, as well as sponges and scrubbers. Ideally, you can fit all of your cleaning supplies into a container you can grab whenever cleaning calls.

If you are cleaning an expensive or particularly delicate item, be gentle. You don't want to strip the wood or scratch or scrape your furniture by using the wrong product. And if you're using a new cleaning product, you might want to do a spot test in an inconspicuous area before you do the whole piece.

Sanitary Cleaning

Everything within your home should have its own home. It's worth remembering how easily germs spread, especially if you move cleaning supplies between rooms. The most efficient way to prevent cross-contamination is to colour-code your cleaning products. Have one shade solely for use in the kitchen, another for the bathrooms, and a separate one for flooring. There are reusable Minky cleaning pads purpose-made for specific tasks, that way you can wash them and use them time and time again.

You might not think about your body when you start a big clean, but you should. Deep cleaning is much harder on your body than the typical maintenance clean and it can make you ache in areas you forgot muscles existed. So, do a little stretch before and after, use a kneeling pad, and make sure you hydrate.


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