Our Top Choice Fabulosa Hacks from TikTok

By Tara Tyrrell

Our Top Choice Fabulosa Hacks from TikTok

Whether it’s Spring Clean time or you’re simply giving your home a spruce up, there’s no better place to visit for quick and easy hacks than TikTok. And of course, it’s even better when you know the products they’re using are of the highest quality!

Fabulosa is one product that’s taking the world of TikTok cleaning by storm, and after some serious searching, here are some of our top hacks as featured on this great social platform.

  • 1.Keep your bin smelling fresh with this great hack. This is a simple tip that works wonders. Grab a cotton pad or a paper roll and soak it in some Fabulosa 4-in-1. When you replace your bin bag, put the pad on the bottom of the bin, then replace the bag over the top. This little tip will keep your bin smelling fresh for days.
  • 2.Stop the toilet brush stink. Yep, that’s right. With this hack, pour some Fabulosa 4-in-1 in your toilet brush holder. Not only does it disinfect the brush when you’re done using it, it also acts as a cleaner when you do use it. And of course, your entire bathroom will smell nice and fresh.
  • 3.Are you tired of stained plastic containers from leftovers in the kitchen or storage in the shed? In this hack, if you soak a paper towel in Fabulosa Washing Up Liquid and place it in a stained container, shake it up and then rinse it – the stains will vanish. Voila.
  • 4.Do you wish you could enjoy the scent of real flowers but you just can’t seem to keep them alive? You’ll be surprised with this great hack. Spray a floral Fabulosa Anti-Bac Spray (something like Unicorn Dust) on fake flowers or foliage and it will leave them smelling real and delightful!
  • 5.Cleaning the sink is always a challenge, and there are plenty of great hacks available for how you can use Fabulosa to keep it clean. One of our favourites is mixing Fabulosa Washing Up Liquid Lemon Sherbet with a cut-in-half lemon. Simply pour some of the liquid onto the lemon and use that to wipe down the sink. It’ll be sparkling and fresh in no time.

Fabulosa really is one of the best products for keeping your home clean and smelling great. Not only does Fabulosa remove dirt and grime, but its 4-in-1 action formula also disinfects to 99.9% effectiveness, cleans and polishes, leaves a pleasant scent behind, and gets rid of unpleasant odours. So there’s no reason not to invest.

You can shop with CleanHQ for Fabulosa products today and find a great range of available products. There’s:

  • Antibacterial cleaners - with concentrated disinfectants that are ideal for cleaning floors and general household surfaces. The 4-in-1 action includes disinfection, removing dirt and grime, shine and fresh fragrances. Multipurpose sprays are an easy way to clean – simply turn the nozzle and spray, then wipe. There’s no streaks and no foam and scents vary, including pineapple and coconut.
  • Laundry products - Laundry cleansers can be added to your washing machine for a fresh clean, while also killing 99% of germs! 

Start your own TikTok Fabulosa journey today with CleanHQ.


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