Window Cleaning Mistakes You Are Probably Making

By Tara Tyrrell

Window Cleaning Mistakes You Are Probably Making

We generally don’t clean our windows very often, so when we do, its important you get the job right the first time. To do that, you need to know what you should avoid when it comes to a good window washing. Here are some of the common window cleaning mistakes people make:

Not Double Washing

We get it. It’s enough that you’re cleaning the windows to start with – you don’t want to be cleaning them twice, right? The thing is, if you want your windows to shine, you need to get rid of any initial dirt and dust first. Otherwise, you’ll simply be moving the grime around the glass, rather than eliminating it.

Washing On Sunny Days

A sunny day might seem like the ideal time to wash your windows as it allows you to see the dirt and dust more clearly, however they’ll dry much faster which will make it harder for you to clean them streak-free. Instead, clean the windows late afternoon or early morning, or on a cloudy day.

Using Hard Water

You’ve no doubt heard of hard versus soft water, but did you know hard water can actually harm your windows, just as it dries your skin? So, how can you tell if you’re using hard or soft water? You’ll notice after the clean. If you are using hard water, you’ll likely see small mineral deposits on the glass – this makes it harder to keep your windows clean. To rectify the problem, use a water softener or distilled water.

Using The Wrong Products

When cleaning windows, you need to use the right products and that’s where CleanHQ comes in. We have two great cleaners that you simply must have in your window cleaner collection.

The Minky Glass & Window M Cloth

This great window cleaning cloth consists of millions of densely woven high density microfibres that effortlessly scrub grime and grease from glass. Its large size makes quick work of cleaning large areas, always resulting in a spotless shine. The cloth has been designed to clean better than chemicals could ever achieve, giving a spotless shine and a clean, lint-free surface.

The Pink Stuff Window Cleaner

An effective window cleaner, this product can be used on windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces to eliminate oil and grime build-up. With the help of Rose Vinegar, this window cleaner leaves behind a gleaming, streak-free sheen on each surface it touches. To top it off, you can smell the unique fruity and floral aroma of The Pink Stuff in every spray of Miracle Window Cleaner with Rose Vinegar.

Washing Dirt With Dirt

Once you have the right cleaning products on board, you also have to make sure they are clean. If you’ve been using your Minky cloth for hours and you’re starting to see stains, it’s time to get it in the wash. Alternatively, if you’re cleaning with soapy water, make sure you change the water regularly. You don’t have to use a new bucket of water for each window, but certainly change the cleaning solution if you notice it’s looking off.

So, start cleaning your windows the right way and shop the range with CleanHQ today.


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