Ho, Ho, Ho It’s Time To Get Christmas Cleaning

By Tara Tyrrell

Ho, Ho, Ho It’s Time To Get Christmas Cleaning

It's the most wonderful time of the year, well… it could be if it wasn't for all the stress. It isn't just meal preparation, shopping, and baking. Well, it is that, but it's also all the cleaning you have to do to prepare for guests. It's just another thing to add to a very long list of exhausting tasks you have to do before you can even sit down and enjoy that boozy festive drink. But, it doesn't have to be as stressful as we tend to make it! This is why we've compiled these handy Christmas cleaning tips.


The first step to any intensive cleaning routine is to declutter. So, before you drag the decorations out and hang the tinsel, have a bit of a clear-out. Make sure everything is where it belongs and encourage everyone in the house to return things when they are done with them.

2.Go High

Do a quick trip throughout your home with a broom handle and a duster pad to remove any cobwebs that may have accumulated. And once that job is done, swing through to wipe down the blinds and vacuum any curtains you may have.

3.Surface Cleaning

Once you have finished the decluttering stage, there shouldn't be too much left on your surfaces. Now is a great time to clean your surfaces. Remember, whatever you are cleaning, you should always work top to bottom. You don't want to scrub the other way and end up needing to do double the work. Visit every surface of your home, whether you prefer using a cloth and spray cleaner or wipes.

4.Bathroom Deep Clean

You may have already tackled the surfaces in the bathroom, but you still need to address the toilet, shower, tub, and any other bits and pieces.

5.The Floors

The floors are the last major job to tackle. You can grab your vacuum, or hire a carpet cleaner – it will depend on the health of your carpet and how much entertaining you plan to do. Put most of the deep clean focus on the areas where you will do the most entertaining.

Don't forget to mop that hard floors after you vacuum. You can use a steam or an old-fashioned mop, depending on your flooring type.

6.Rubbish Removal

Now that you have fully cleaned and organised your home, you can take out the rubbish and do a last check to make sure every job has been done to your satisfaction.


Now it's time to prepare the rooms for guests, put up the decorations, and enjoy your beautifully cleaned home.

Christmas cleaning is a must – it gets your home prepared for the holiday season, ready to decorate and enjoy. It gives you a great chance to take stock of everything in your home and clear out. And there's nothing more satisfying than a deep clean.

Once the job is done, your home will be organised and ready for the holiday season, which means little and often will be more than plenty to see you through the New Year. Just be sure to swing by CleanHQ to stock up on all your favourite cleaning products. And don't forget to polish the silver before you set the table.


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