Introducing BBQ Daddy In Time For Aussie Summer

By Tara Tyrrell

Introducing BBQ Daddy In Time For Aussie Summer

A Christmas barbecue is as Australian as enjoying pavlova for afters. It only stands to reason that you need a great cleaning tool to keep your kit in tip-top shape throughout the summer. Scrub Daddy has gifted us with plenty of incredible products over the years, and now they have given us the gift of the BBQ Daddy. And just in time for Aussie summer and the Christmas barbecue season.

Get On Board With The BBQ Daddy

The most common BBQ cleaning tool is the standard brush – the metal bristles do a great job at scraping buildup away. But, what a lot of people might not realise is how grill brushes often leave tiny fragments of metal on the grill. And those tiny fragments of metal end up transferring to whatever you happen to be cooking. Grill bricks are an excellent alternative because they are effective scrapers, but they wear down quickly. So, sure you can use an aluminium foil ball or a bamboo scraper or metal scraper, but none of them seems to stand up to the task at hand.

Enter – Scrub Daddy's BBQ Daddy.

The BBQ Daddy is a slick steam-powered cleaning brush made specifically to tackle your grill. This high-tech scrubber features a FlexTexture core, which you can dip in cold water to firm it up. When you scrub with the BBQ Daddy it increases its cleaning power as you steam scrub your filthy grill. The head will also soften gradually so you can deep clean your grates. If you want a firm head, use cold water, if you want a softer head then opt for warm water. Importantly, the steel mesh is heat resistant so you don't need to worry about singing your scrubber. The stainless steel scraper is perfect for scrubbing away carbon buildup so commonly seen on grills.

There's a bottle opener at the base for a handy extra tool, and a retractable hook so you can easily lift the grates or simply hand the Daddy from your grill. It also has a handy knob to provide maximum leverage, and a squeeze trigger as well, which will help you rotate position while you use the scraping tool.

Using Your BBQ Daddy

With the heat from the steam, it kills bacteria, zaps germs, and helps break down the fats left on the grates. It works best on a preheated grill so be sure to have a bucket of cold water handy if you want a firm head to chisel all that baked-on buildup. You can start by scraping as much gunk as possible with the built-in scraper and follow up with the scrubbing head. It will produce a heavy cloud of steam so don't be alarmed. And in its wake, you will be left with a sparkling clean grill. You can detach the sponge and pop it into the dishwasher to clean it thoroughly. The head does soften as it gets hotter, so be sure to get it back in the cold water often to keep it nice and firm while you work.

Stock Up On Scrub Daddy Products This Summer

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift this year, or you need a new BBQ tool before you fire up the barbie for the holidays, then you can't miss out on the BBQ Daddy. And luckily, when you shop with CleanHQ, you can purchase a wide range of Scrub Daddy products, whether you're partial to the Scrub Mommy or you are all about the Dish Daddy.


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