Master The End of Lease Clean

By Tara Tyrrell

Master The End of Lease Clean

Moving is stressful on its own, but nailing the end of lease clean can feel like climbing Everest. There is an allowance for wear and tear, but properties are expected to be reasonably clean on exchange.


Fortunately, things like fading curtains or carpets, and flaking paint are not the tenant's responsibility. There are numerous other things you need to think about though, and if you want your full bond back, you need to ensure the condition reports match up for entry and exit.

Before you do anything, check your lease. Some property managers and landlords will provide you with a list of must-clean spots so, be sure you pay close attention to those areas. Now you’re ready to clean...

Schedule Your Cleaning

Moving is a chaotic time and making a schedule is one way to get it done and retain your sanity. Give yourself plenty of time to tackle every task and have surface-level cleaning left for the night before or the day of. Before you can schedule your cleaning, you will need to make a checklist! Your best bet is to find detailed guidelines for what's expected of you. Here’s a general idea:

Create Your Checklist

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, dirt, oil, and grime settle on everything. So, be sure you tackle every surface with a tough cleaner to get the job done. Don't forget inside the cabinets and drawers, as well as the fridge/freezer.

The Bathroom

Quick to gather grime as it's a high moisture spot; mould is a common bathroom issue. This is especially true if it has poor ventilation. Even if that is on the landlord, grab a powerful mould and mildew cleaner and tackle any grime build-up to ensure it's sparkling on the day of handover.

The Bits & Bobs

There are a few easy tells that can hold you back. The skirting boards, cobwebs, and windows will give the game away. So, be sure you tackle them. Skirting boards especially are quick to gather dirt, and it's noticeable when the property is empty.

The outside will also need attention. You don't need to rent a pressure washer, but you should deal with any weeds and sweep up too.

The Often Overlooked

  • Clean and wash the exhaust hood, plus filters, be sure the bulb is functional and replace if not.
  • Wash and dry the bins.
  • Clean the dishwasher inside and out, don't forget the filter.
  • Wash down and clean fly screens
  • If there is a pool or spa, you should ensure debris is removed from both the filter and the water.
  • Wipe down all light switches, walls, and mirrors. Any fixtures and fittings that hands touch often.
  • If there's a garage, ensure you tackle cobwebs, sweep up, and clean the doors.

Quick Fixes

TPS Multi-Purpose Cleaner is great for tackling marks on walls , just add it to warm water and grab a soft cloth. You can use wall putty to fix dents or holes in walls. You will need to allow them time to dry before you sand and paint. A paint sample should be more than enough to get the job done. Stubborn soap scum? TPS Miracle Paste and Scrub Daddy together will work wonders. If hoovering isn't doing the job, consider a steam clean.

Stock up on your CleanHQ products , and of course, if the end of lease clean is too much for you to handle, you can always enlist the services of a professional cleaning company to be certain you get your bond back in full. It's always easier to deal with the end of lease clean if you regularly clean throughout your tenancy.



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