Where Can You Use Fabulosa?

By Carl Pronti

Where Can You Use Fabulosa?

Fabulosa sprays and antibacterial cleaners can be used throughout the home to disinfect and move stubborn grease stains, while also bringing a sweet, unique scent to cleaned areas. It's a versatile product with many uses, so let's take a look at some of the best places to use Fabulosa sprays and cleaners around your home.

Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen worktops and surfaces need to be kept clean and germ-free on a daily basis, and Fabulosa sprays are a simple and convenient way to do this. Simply spray your worktops and wipe them down with a kitchen towel or a sponge to keep them free of germs and smelling sweet. This is a great way to clean down food preparation surfaces between uses.

Disinfecting Pet Areas

Fabulosa sprays can be used in areas where your pet may frequent to keep them clean and to kill any germs brought in on paws or fur. Wash pet feeding mats with Fabulosa spray before rinsing them with water for your pet's safety.

Freshen Up That Bin!

Bins can get very smelly, even when they're changed often, which is where the sweet scents of Fabulosa sprays can really help out. When you change the bag inside your bin, give the inside of the bin a quick spray with Fabulosa and wipe it down before replacing the bin bag. This will keep your bin smelling fresh between uses while cleaning up any stray food waste that might have escaped the bag.

Keeping floors clean

Because it's antibacterial, Fabulosa sprays can easily be used to clean up hardwood or vinyl floors after spills and accidents. Start with a quick test patch first, and if all looks OK mop up your spill with a towel and wipe clean with Fabulosa spray afterwards.

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