Germ Alert! What Germs Could Be Lurking In Your Bathroom?

By Tara Tyrrell

Germ Alert! What Germs Could Be Lurking In Your Bathroom?

Nobody wants to even think about cleaning their bathrooms, much less actually do the job. And certainly, nobody wants to learn about what’s lurking in the darkest recesses, in the places you don’t dare look at. But the fact is, there are up to 3.2 billion bacteria per square inch hiding around your bathroom, and a lot of those bacteria turn into something much larger, such as limescale, mould and mildew. Here’s what you need to know, and how can CleanHQ’s products can help.

Limescale Removal

Limescale is one of those inevitable things that builds up over time on just about every surface in and/or around your bathtub or shower. It’s the deposits created by the presence of water droplets and as they dry, they deposit calcium carbonate. They’re most prevalent on metallic surfaces, so make sure you check your taps and showerheads. As limescale builds, it also accumulates other germs, and it can even be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria such as legionella bacteria. So, it’s crucial you get this clean!

While several of our products do work on limescale, among our best is the Power Paste from Scrub Daddy. This natural, non-toxic cleaner, made partially with clay pairs perfectly with it’s already-included Scrub Mommy sponge. Simply dampen the Scrub Mommy, then add the cleaning paste to the affected area and make small circular motions - this will activate the cleaning foam and then you can scrub away. The Power Paste/Scrub Mommy combo will leave your taps shining brightly in no time.

Mould & Mildew Build-up

It’s no secret to anyone that mould and mildew build-up are a part of having a bathroom. Unfortunately for you, mould and mildew tend to build up in the places we least expect it. This includes the bottom of the shower curtain - yes, we know you should typically replace these things within a few months, but for those who have fabric shower curtains, they’re not the cheapest to replace. Instead, you could clean the bottoms of the shower curtains by using the Daily Shower Shine.

This fire-and-forget product allows you to spray down your shower curtain, give it a few minutes to work its magic, then come back and wipe it clean. You should make this part of a weekly or bi-weekly bathroom clean, to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful mould and mildew build-up on the bottom of the curtain.

What About the Floors?

One place we all tend to forget about when cleaning our bathrooms is the floors! While they certainly don’t need to be cleaned every day - they should also be a part of your bi-weekly scrub-of-the-tub. For this, you can use our Minky Cleaning Pad. This two-sided pad is perfect for the abrasive scrub, followed by the sheening second half of the job. Make sure your tiling is clean before you go over it one last time. This should be the last thing on your bathroom cleaning checklist.

There are plenty of options available to those who really hate cleaning their own bathrooms. At CleanHQ, we aspire to make cleaning a more enjoyable chore with products that save you time, effort and money by providing you with the right tools for the job, the first time around. No matter if cleaning is something you do professionally, or just in your own home, we have the tools to help you get that bathroom back to its best - even if you repulse at the thought of it.


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