Eliminate Tough Grime With Power Paste from Scrub Daddy

By Tara Tyrrell

Eliminate Tough Grime With Power Paste from Scrub Daddy

The PowerPaste is one of Scrub Daddy’s newest and most effective cleaning solutions. If you’re used to grilling or roasting food, either on the barbecue or in the oven, then you’re most likely familiar with the absolute mess that comes with cleaning up afterwards. Not only do you likely spend way too much time scrubbing, but you’ll also give yourself a tennis elbow without even having swung a racket.

What Do Foaming Cleaners Do & Why Do You Need One?

Foaming cleaners utilise the power of the chemical reaction between water and the cleaner itself to create a thick foam that is spread around the surface area that needs to be cleaned. Chemicals contained within the compound - like those found in the PowerPaste - eat through the grime before being wiped clean. Foaming cleaners like the PowerPaste tend to be stronger cleaners than your traditional spray-on cleaners, meant for the heavier-duty cleaning tasks.

What Makes The PowerPaste Different?

PowerPaste is different from other foaming cleaners because it is partially made with clay - making it as natural a product as you’re likely to find in the cleaning market. It also comes with the Scrub Mommy applicator, to ensure that you have the proper abrasive tool to get scrubbing! It is the combination of the quality abrasiveness of the Scrub Mommy or Scrub Daddy applicators and the clay base of the PowerPaste that make it a formidable foe for any and all tough stains.

What Can You Use The PowerPaste On?

Generally-speaking, Scrub Daddy’s PowerPaste with Scrub Mommy applicators can be used on any tough stains, including leftover food deposits. It’s great for use on glass like oven doors, stainless steel like barbecue racks or pots and pans. It’s especially good for getting the grime off roasting pans. However, a word of caution: due to the abrasiveness of the Scrub Mommy applicator - do NOT use it on delicate surfaces.

Does the PowerPaste Only Work in The Kitchen?

Absolutely not! The PowerPaste is a great addition to your bathroom cleaning set-up as well. The Scrub Mommy applicators and the PowerPaste can scrub off limescale and leave your bathroom sinks, taps, even showers and tiling shining brightly and looking as clean as can be.

Is PowerPaste Safe?

Our PowerPaste product is non-toxic and biodegradable. Making it eco-friendly and perfect for use around a busy household. If you’ve got kids, while of course, they should stay as far away from any cleaning product as possible, you won’t have to worry so much if your cleaning stock is exclusively Scrub Daddy products - we try to make much of our line, including the PowerPaste, as family-friendly as possible.

No matter what messes you have to clean up around the house, for anything that’s remotely tough to handle, you’ll want to use PowerPaste, in combination with Scrub Daddy or Scrub Mommy products, they’ll make those tough-to-clean messes so much easier.

The PowerPaste is so easy to use as well, just simply dampen your Scrub Mommy cleaning pad, add it to the already-applied PowerPaste on top of your mess and start swirling! This motion will create the magic cleaning foam that’ll wash away even the toughest of messes. 


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