Scrub Daddy vs Normal Sponges

By Tara Tyrrell

Scrub Daddy vs Normal Sponges

Why is Scrub Daddy the Big Daddy of all sponges? He's unlike any other sponge you have ever used.

The Scrub Daddy is made using FlexTexture, a highly engineered polymer foam. It is exclusive to the brand. The Sponge Daddy and Scrub Mommy are dual-sided, with FlexTexture on one side and ResoFoam, another Scrub Daddy range exclusive, on the other. The latter prevents debris from getting lodged in the sponge, which means it's a more hygienic offering than normal sponges.

The Scrub Daddy

A traditional sponge is either wet or, it's dry. It may have a scrubby side and a soft side to tackle different tasks. But the Scrub Daddy changes texture depending on the temperature of your water. Under warmer water, the Scrub Daddy is more pliable. Under colder water, it's more rigid. Whether you're scrubbing mud off the floor after your kids tracked it in from the garden or you're wiping ice cream bowls, your sponge will respond appropriately.

The brand shot to fame after its creator, Aaron Krause, went on Shark Tank in 2012. Its original purpose was to scrub hands, and while they still easily fit right in your palm – they do so much more now. From humble beginnings to now the show's most successful product, the world is now on board with the most functional sponge on the market.

The spiky hair on the Scrub Daddy is a great tool for harder scrubbing. And the mouth is perfect for cleaning spoons and other small utensils. Of course, you can use the eyes to hold on tight while you scrub down, too. It's a sponge, so it probably won't hold it against you. The Scrub Daddy is suitable to use on most surfaces, from your car's exterior paint to wood, stainless steel, and non-stick coatings! If you're not sure or you have concerns, you should do a test in a small area before branching out.

The Scrub Mommy

Scrub Mommy can do exactly what Scrub Daddy does and more, thanks to the dual textures. She lathers well, so she's the perfect solution for kitchen use, whether it is dishes, the sink or the hob. While the Scrub Daddy is a stickler for stains, which makes him the perfect choice for the bathroom and even a litter box.

The full range is available in a variety of colours. The different colours don't do different jobs, but it does make it simple to colour-code your range. Use the pet pack for your furry friend's pet bowls and toys. Opt for the OG for the basics and the colours for tougher jobs. That way, whatever the task, you can reach for the right solution.

The Full Range

Grab the OG Scrub Daddy, opt for the Lemon Fresh, or explore the various shapes like cats and dogs. If you prefer the scented option, you can rest easy, knowing the smell will last for several weeks. There's good news whether you prefer an odourless sponge or a scented one; the Scrub Daddy and Mommy are odour-resistant, so you don't need to worry about your sponge picking up the garlic smell from the dinner pan. Don't forget to buy a caddy to store your sponge safely. You can also shop the rest of the range on Clean HQ, from Eraser Daddy to Scour Daddy and Soap Daddy. 

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