4 Places You Might Not Think of to Use Your Damp Duster

By Tara Tyrrell

4 Places You Might Not Think of to Use Your Damp Duster

Dusting in the home isn’t something most people do - at all - let alone very often. But it’s a necessary part of the cleaning process and should only be missed at your peril. Accumulated dust particles on surfaces can lead to a whole pile of issues for those who have allergies. So, if you have an allergy-sensitive person in your home, it's important you keep the space as dust-free as possible. And if you don’t, regular dusting helps keep the air in your space as clean as can be (the installation of a few houseplants will also help keep the air quality up, as they naturally oxidise the space).

If you’re looking to buy a duster, look no further than the Damp Duster Yellow by Scrub Daddy. And it’s not just for dust you can see easily – you should also pay attention to areas where dust might not be so apparent, including the following:

On Top of Ceiling Fans

If you have a ceiling fan, it’s important you dust on top of the blades, as dust often accumulates up there, lying unnoticed for months or even years. As the ceiling fan does a great job of moving air around, if it is in use a lot, dust particles tend not to gather as much (instead they fly into the air and into your nose). But for those who tend to use their ceiling fans as showpieces rather than actually use them, this is a place that dust can gather. You should give your ceiling fans a good dust at the end of winter before you start using them. Or at least twice a year regardless.

Air Conditioning Vents

Another place dust grows that you might not notice much are your air conditioning vents. If you use this as a heater for winter, you might notice a burning smell as the heat is turned on is the dust is burned off. Or you might find you’re sniffing up particles when you start using your system as the weather heats up. Twice a year, use the Damp Duster to give the vents a good wipe.

On Top of Your Fridge

This might be a job for the dual-purpose of your Damp Duster. One of the Damp Duster’s main features is that it is not a disposable dusting cloth, like so many others. It’s reusable and super easy to clean. Simply run it under warm water to clean your fridge off, using it as a cloth. Then, let it dry before going back at it with a clean, dry duster. The fridge is one of those places that will easily gather a layer of dust over time – after all, everyone opens the fridge but we barely look on top of it. Tackle it with the Damp Duster today.

Curtain Rods / Blinds

Your curtain rods and blinds don’t often get a good clean – and the reason for this is simple. It’s an awful job! It’s tedious, painstaking and often, it seems unnecessary. But if you want to get rid of dust in the home, these are some of the best places you can tackle. Grab your Damp Duster and give them a good wipe over at least once or twice a year. More often if you keep your doors and windows open a lot. Give your windowsills a wipe down as well!

The Damp Duster is the perfect wet-dry dusting cleaning combination. It’s often paired with the Scrub Daddy Magic Multi-Surface cleaner to make sure that all of your home is dust-free, creating a healthier environment for you and your family. Check out the range available with Clean HQ today.

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