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Vol.8 Nessa Misiuda

Vol.8 Nessa Misiuda

You have probably seen her viral videos on Instagram or TikTok, @cleanwithnessa has amassed over
2.1 million followers who love her cleaning and organisation videos - and she's only 22!

Hi Nessa! This series is called The Mess Makers. How do you make mess?

Hi! Usually It’s not that hard in my house to make a mess thanks to my little ones, all I have to do is let them into a room and sit down and watch the magic happen!

I also manage to make mess myself by deciding to declutter a room and reorganise it then later regret it by the overwhelming mess surrounding me lol.

How did you discover Scrub Daddy & The Pink Stuff?

I first saw them on TikTok, the names really stood out to me so I got googling and had to try them out for myself! Sure enough the hype was definitely worth it.

How has Scrub Daddy and The Pink Stuff helped you with your ‘mess’?

My favourite sponge of all time is the scrub mummy! It helps a lot with the stubborn stains on dishes & also has been great for soap scum on our shower glasses.
I never thought I’d find joy out of a smiley face sponge but here we are haha.

The Pink Stuff Miracle Paste is a game changer for rust stains it’s definitely saved me a lot of elbow grease!

How do you find inspiration for your cleaning videos?

My inspiration to get up and do things is definitely my awesome followers, they help inspire me and motivate me to be better!
I love that watching others clean just helps boost you up to get things done.


You have over 22.4k Instagram followers and 1.8m TikTok followers! How does it feel to have so many people following your cleaning videos?

It’s definitely bizarre to think about and never thought I would be doing what I’m doing, but it’s also the best feeling to have some amazing people watching, learning & getting motivated! 


What is your favourite room/favourite area in your home?

My favourite area in the house is definitely our pantry, a lot of time and decluttering went into it and it was totally worth it.

What has been the most difficult part of getting to where you are today?

It would definitely have to be the time & effort I've put into my videos, cleaning & organising can be hard enough but to record in one hand and find the time to edit afterwards can make things ten times harder! Once it’s up and people are enjoying it makes it all worth it.


What order do you clean your house in?

I don’t actually have a order on how I do things thanks to my little ones, it can be hard to have a cleaning schedule outside of our daily routine so I usually just do what I can when I can!

When I clean my bathroom I always start on the toilet and then to the mirror then sink then shower etc.. I always work my way down that way nothing can get dirty whilst I’m cleaning.


Share a hot tip with us!

My favourite cleaning tip would have to be never put things down always put them away! It can be hard to keep a house clean or a space organised if we are leaving things to be put away later, so as I always tell my followers who need advice is to always put it away it’ll save you from having a big mess later!

If you are in need of organisation inspiration or to stay up to date with the latest cleaning products & tips, follow Nessa on Instagram & TikTok!



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