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Vol. 7 Joey Banaria

Vol. 7 Joey Banaria

Joey is a mother of 4 young children, a content creator, talented cook and works alongside various companies using her social media platform where she has amassed a following of 23,000 fans.  

Hi Joey! This series is called The Mess Makers. How do you make mess? 
I’m very messy especially when cooking.

How did you discover Scrub Daddy & The Pink Stuff? 
I actually saw it in store and thought the sponges looked so cute and The Pink Stuff was actually gifted to me. 

How has Scrub Daddy and The Pink Stuff helped you with your ‘mess’? 
It has been a great help, it makes the mess easier to clean with little effort.

When did you start leveraging your Instagram Following to work with businesses? 
In 2020 we started to work with businesses as we started off brand repping in 2017. We were small back then but big companies chose us to work and represent their brand.

What advice would you give to other mums who want to do more collaborations with businesses? 
Time as Instagram honestly take a lot of time.

What is your favourite room/favourite area in your home? 
Definitely the lounge.

What has been the most difficult part of getting to where you are today? 
Honestly it’s time again 

Share a favourite recipe
My favourite recipe would be my home made prawn cutlets:

500grams raw prawns 
300grams panko crumbs 
2 eggs 
1 cup plain flour 
Pinch of salt and pepper 

Peel and cut prawns, then add salt and pepper for seasoning. 
Dip the prawns in flour, egg then crumbs and fry till golden brown.

Serve with sweet and sour sauce or favourite condiments. 

If you're not already, you can follow Joey's Instagram journey at @brayjoe828

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