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Vol. 10 Aly D

Vol. 10 Aly D

Aly is a small business owner, a content creator, blogger on her website Breathe Gently AND mum to 3 gorgeous girls (soon to be 4).
Aly produces beautiful Instagram content working with small businesses and pregnancy and childrens brands.

Hi Aly! This series is called The Mess Makers. How do you make mess?

My house seems to make mess all by itself! With three girls, indoor pets and a husband here with me, there's always someone here keeping busy - and busy often equals mess!! Being home all together for the past 12 weeks of this Sydney lockdown has amplified things slightly too.

Now – 5 facts about yourself, GO!

Five facts… ok, here we go:

1)     I'm an ex-primary school teacher (pre kids!) and I now work for myself.

2)     Our babies have all needed a little help to get here and are IVF miracles..  with the exception of this current little surprise!

3)     I love organisation but I always end up making more mess than I started with!

4)     I could eat movie popcorn for every single meal - no lie!

5)     My favourite way to unwind is a long bath with a good playlist or podcast on in the background.

You are about to welcome baby #4, another girl! Have you saved some of her sisters things to use? 

Most of the big baby items we had passed on because we thought we were done, but I had kept a few special keepsakes and trinkets that we will get to bring out and re-use again. Since we didn't keep a lot of newborn goodies, it's a nice excuse to shop small and stock up again!

You are well versed in raising little girls – what are your tips and tricks for getting through the day (and keeping your sanity)?

We try and keep routines as similar as possible here, as my second daughter in particular responds really well to them. We try and get as much school and prep work done in the morning so that they can play and relax in the afternoons - that seems to work the best for us currently.

That said, most days are full of chaos and sanity can be overrated! The biggest goal I have for my girls is for them to grow up safe and loved and confident to be themselves.

You have worked with some great brands! What is your favourite type of brand to collaborate with?

I am a huge supporter of small businesses and I LOVE the opportunity to get involved when I can! There's nothing better than spreading the word and sharing the love, especially when they're products that I genuinely love and use around the home.

My favourite brands are ones that are passionate about what they have created. That excitement really resonates with me and makes me excited to share in return. It's really important for me to get a chance to use the products and get a feel for them, before I can confidently and authentically pass on my recommendations.

What are your thoughts on Scrub Daddy, Minky & The Pink Stuff?

We have been using these goodies for the past few months now and they've become a regular part of our cleaning routine.

Our Scrub Daddy sponge is my go-to for the creative crayon masterpieces my toddler likes to leave on the walls.

Minky and The Pink Stuff make everyday tasks easier, and that's what I'm all about here!!

We are currently collaborating with Holster Brands, what do you think of their Holsters?

This is my first time seeing and using the Holsters, and I'm loving them so far! I love that they are a cute way to safely store your goodies - my bathroom benches always seem to get the most cluttered in the house, so these will be super handy.

What is your favourite room/favourite area in your home?

The majority of our time is spent in our big open plan kitchen/living/dining room - but of course, that also means it's one of our messier spaces!
Each night before bedtime, we get the kids to help put things away so that we start fresh again this morning. It's not perfect, but it's a start!

I'm also a sucker for a good nursery - it's currently my toddler's room but will eventually transform into the new baby's special space too.

What has been the most difficult part of getting to where you are today?

Letting go of unrealistic expectations and learning to go with the flow! Life can't be perfectly planned out and that's why there's no point stressing too much about it.

Do you have any projects coming up you can tell us about?

We have been adding a pool to our backyard across this year and are working on the final touches this Spring. It will be amazing come summer time!

Inside the house we have a huge wish-list of jobs to do, but we have to do them one at a time and on a strict budget with baby #4 coming! I'd love to replace our blinds and rejuvenate our tired old laundry. I'm also trying to work on some better organisation strategies for kids toys and school prep stations. One job at a time!

Share a favourite recipe with us!

My favourite recipes are the ones that can be prepped and frozen in advance - a must have for busy households. Our favourites include hidden veggie bolognaise (recipe here), savoury mince and stir fries!

You can follow Aly's journey on her Instagram, or if you need some help with content creation or social media management - Aly also has an Instagram for he business @mamajagsmedia also pop over to her blog here to read about Alys' journey through IVF, product reviews and working with different brands.

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