TikTok Cleaning Hacks You Need To Avoid

By Tara Tyrrell

TikTok Cleaning Hacks You Need To Avoid

Since TikTok arrived in our app stores it has offered an endless stream of content – from lip-syncing videos to dance, beauty, fitness, and, of course, cleaning tips and hacks. And as useful as many of the cleaning tips and hacks are, there are some wildly awful ones that you need to avoid like the plague.

Hair Dryers & Toasters Don't Mix

While the world was dealing with a lockdown, one TikToker took to the platform to share a simple way to clean your toaster. All you need is a microfibre cloth to loosen any crumbs, allowing the tray below to capture them. Then you can remove this to empty and clean it. And then, use a hair dryer to remove any crumbs left in the toaster.

Here's the problem – with the crumb tray set to one side, all of the crumbs you blow out of the toaster are just flying all over your countertop. Then you need to drag the vacuum into the game to clean up all the crumbs on the floor and counter.

Instead, use a Minky M Cloth to wipe down the crumb tray after you empty it directly into the bin. You can unplug your toaster and shake it out over the sink to ditch any of the crumbs inside.

Baking Soda & Mattresses

One brand went all out suggesting their baking soda was the perfect way to clean your mattress. It is important to clean yours at least twice a year, but sprinkling baking soda over it isn't going to do the job you really need it to. Your best bet is to vacuum the mattress and use a cleaning solution to spot clean stains. Baking soda might neutralise odours, but it won't do anything about staining. So, do use it, but not without

Radiators & Air Fresheners

One account suggested using a can of Fabulosa to clean radiators by spraying the can into the radiator directly. You should use Fabulosa, as much as you can because it smells incredible and does a terrific job. The anti-bacterial Electrify spray is particularly delightful. But you shouldn't spray air freshener directly into your radiator because it's extremely dangerous. The manufacturer's guidelines tell you explicitly not to use the product near open flames, hot surfaces or heat. The best way to clean your radiators is with a long-handled duster once the radiator has time to fully cool.


A lot of viral videos suggest combining different cleaners for whatever reason – don't do it. It can have disastrous consequences, as combining chemicals can create a gas that can kill you. So, don't combine products that contain both bleach and ammonia, bleach and vinegar, baking soda and vinegar, bleach and rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.

Whatever you need to clean, there's a product designed to do just that. As great as hacks are, nothing beats a bit of elbow grease with a Scrub Daddy and the right cleaning solution. Whatever products you prefer, you can find a wide variety of options at CleanHQ.


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