Let’s Talk! Our Interview with Scrub Daddy Inventor, Aaron Krause

By Tara Tyrrell

Let’s Talk! Our Interview with Scrub Daddy Inventor, Aaron Krause

We were lucky enough to sit down with Aaron Krause - the genius who invented the Scrub Daddy, a cleaning product so effective and so versatile it took the world by storm.

One of the biggest questions people have about the Scrub Daddy is why it features a smiley face design. The truth is, before it became the OG Scrub Daddy, it was designed for auto body shops. It was supposed to be a hand scrubber and the zig-zag edges were for cleaning under the fingernails, while the two holes were for finger scrubbing. Unfortunately for the auto body shop industry, it didn't take off. Fortunately for the rest of us, Krause realised it was a useful dish washer and the added mouth was perfect for cleaning both sides of utensils at once.

When asked what surfaces the Scrub Daddy is suitable for use on, Krause tells us there isn't an application it won't work on. We've spent years testing the foam on any and every surface we could think of like glass, marble, wood, ceramic, cast iron, porcelain, and even car exterior paint to name a few. There are more than 25 in total and the list continues to grow as we discover new applications.

And what about cleaning the Scrub Daddy or, at the very least keeping it in good condition? The beauty of the Scrub Daddy is it doesn't retain moisture or food particles like a traditional sponge. This means it doesn't absorb the same stains or smells your normal sponge would. All you need to do is run the foam under water after each use and squeeze it clean. You can store it in the Sponge Caddy when it's not in use and toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher once a month for a deep clean.

Why did Krause create a sponge that could do both rather than a traditional sponge? After developing Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture®, I worked on my ResoFoam®. Unlike traditional cellulose, it remains velvety-soft when dry, resists stains and odours, generates suds brilliantly and is six times more absorbent than the leading sponge brand. Combining these two exclusive materials into one product was a no-brainer spurring the launch of Scrub Mommy and Sponge Daddy!

The temperature-changing property is the foam's natural reaction. Krause discovered this when using the sponge to clean lawn furniture. The cooler air outside triggered firming up and it softened as soon as he submerged it in the bucket of warm water. "The change was so drastic I was speechless. That was the exact moment I knew I was on to something potentially life-changing."

Krause told us his favourite Scrub Daddy hack was a makeup artist who discovered how effective the sponge was at cleaning makeup brushes in warm water. So, we asked him about his favourite cleaning task he uses the Scrub Daddy for. "It would have to be cleaning vegetables with a Scrub Daddy in warm water and peeling potato skin with cold water. People are shocked when they hear it and then amazed at how well it works!"

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