New Pink Stuff! It’s a Miracle... And It Keeps Getting Better!

By Tara Tyrrell

New Pink Stuff! It’s a Miracle... And It Keeps Getting Better!

The Pink Stuff has been having a moment thanks to all those cleaning TikToks, but did you know it actually hit the shelves in 1938? That's right, you could have been enjoying it all along, but that's okay – now that you know all about it, you can enjoy its miracle cleaning powers. But The Pink Stuff offers much more than just a bubble-gum-coloured cleaning paste. In fact, they just happened to release a slew of new products and we can't wait for you to try them!

The Pink Stuff – The Miracle All-Purpose Floor Cleaner

If you want sparkling clean floors you can eat off of and see your reflection in, then the Pink Stuff's new All Purpose Floor Cleaner is the perfect solution. There's no better way to get a brilliant shine. You can use it throughout your home, and the best bit is you don't even need to rinse your floors once you are done! The Miracle All Purpose Floor Cleaner lifts grime, banishes grease, and leaves you with a brilliant, fresh shine. It's suitable for septic tanks and is vegan-friendly.

The Pink Stuff – The Miracle Wash-Up Spray

The Pink Stuff isn't just for removing carpet stains or shining the grill anymore, now with the Miracle Wash-Up Spray, you can transform your countertops and dishes! All you need to do is spray the surface, wipe it down, and rinse away. You'll get a sparkling clean finish every time you use it; this vegan-friendly product cuts right through grease and grime and leaves your home sparkling clean.

The Pink Stuff – The Miracle Foaming Toilet Cleaner

If you want a fast, convenient way to keep your toilet cleaner than anything else in your home, The Pink Stuff has created the perfect new product for you. It's a deeper cleaner and it is incredibly efficient. The Miracle Foaming Toilet Cleaner is a self-activating foam that fights tough stains, limescale, and odours by targeting beneath the surface. And the best bit is it leaves behind that famous fruity fragrance The Pink Stuff is known for.

It's simple to use – all you need to do is open the sachet and pour its contents into the toilet water. The pink foam will develop in the water and start to rise in the bowl. If you need to, you can use a toilet brush to evenly distribute the foam throughout the bowl. Leave it to do its work for at least ten minutes and then you can brush it down and flush. As with the rest of The Pink Stuff's products, it is suitable for vegans.

Buy The Pink Stuff From CleanHQ

Whether you want to stick with the old-school paste or try one of the new products, CleanHQ has you covered. In addition to essentials packs, you can shop for laundry liquids, toilet and window cleaners, and so much more. Visit CleanHQ to stock up on all of your Pink Stuff needs and any other cleaning products you might need.


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