Meet Minky's Ultimate Bathroom Pad & Cloth

By Tara Tyrrell

Meet Minky's Ultimate Bathroom Pad & Cloth

It's hard to get excited about cleaning products when you can't stand the thought of cleaning. But, with the right cleaning aids, you can get… a little upbeat about how much easier cleaning can be. Whether you prefer cleaning the bathroom with a cloth or a pad, Minky has the product for you. You may be familiar with Minky products, but there are two new products for your bathroom that you need to know about.

Minky Bathroom Pad

The M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Bathroom Pad is an effective bathroom cleaning tool with dual sides for different tasks. On one side, there's a non-scratch zig-zag to tackle even the toughest grime. It features extra-long fibres so it can clean even the hardest-to-reach spots. On the other side, you have a textured microfibre designed to buff and shine chrome, mirrors, and stainless steel. Every Anti-Bacterial Bathroom Pad is treated with anti-bacterial protection to prevent bacterial growth on the pad and it's made to last.

Minky Bathroom Cloth

The Minky M Cloth Bathroom is designed to tackle limescale. It's made up of millions of microfibres, tightly woven for maximum cleaning power. One side does the hard work to fight grime and limescale and the other side simply wipes it away. It's a soft cleaning cloth, but don't let it fool you – it can handle even the toughest of bathroom cleans. It also has anti-bacterial power to help prevent the spread of bacteria. All you need to do is wash your cloth after you use them and when it's time to clean, re-use them! Of course, you may want to invest in a few so you have a dry one on hand when you need one. 

The Performance

Minky products are built to last so not only will they save you money, they will save you time and give you an exceptional cleaning job. And you can use it dry or with water.

When you tackle your bathroom taps, use a dry Minky cloth for a smear-free finish. You can use a traditional bathroom cleaner, whether you prefer The Pink Stuff Miracle Foam Bathroom Cleaner or a daily shower shine from Astonish. Whatever your style, the Minky can handle the job. The pad is slightly thinner than a standard sponge, which means it's easier to grip and use for a deep clean, especially in tight spots like behind the taps.

The dry Minky Bathroom Cloth is ideal for dusting as it leaves no fibres behind like a standard cloth. It's excellent on towel rails as well, you can expect it to absorb water and remove watermarks.

The Minky Bathroom Cloth and Pad are the perfect tag-team of cleaning – one can pick up where the other left off for a perfect finish. And you're in luck because CleanHQ has both products for sale, as well as a wide range of additional cleaning items. Whatever you're in the market for, CleanHQ is your one-stop cleaning shop, so get shopping. 


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