5 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know Today

By Tara Tyrrell

5 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know Today

While there are fans of cleaning, the average person isn't an enthusiast. There's nothing worse than dealing with the chore of bathroom cleaning, but what if it didn't have to be that bad? With bathroom cleaning hacks, dreading your chores can be relegated to the past.

A Sparkling Shower

The shower is one of the most challenging scrubs because it doesn't take long for it to accumulate all kinds of residue from the products you use. From the shower gels to the bath oils, shampoos, and bars of soap, it sticks. But you can make your life easier by keeping a handy dish soap dispensing brush in the shower. Fill it 2/3 with washing-up liquid and the remaining third with white vinegar. Once everyone has showered, give the walls a quick scrub.

Tackling Shower Glass

Astonish Specialist Daily Shower Shine is the perfect way to keep your shower glass sparkling clean without the constant scrubbing. It extends the time between deep cleans and it's so easy to use – just spray your shower glass down and walk away. It really is as simple as that. If you live in a particularly hard-water area, daily use is necessary. If you don't have hard water, every other day is more than enough.

Limescale Taps

Water drops, limescale, and ugh, how does anyone keep up with taps? It's one of the most stubborn areas of the house to clean and the hardest to maintain. But with a spray bottle of distilled white vinegar, it becomes simple. Fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and spray your taps, faucets, and your shower fixtures and fittings. That should be more than enough to shift hard water stains.

If you're dealing with tougher stains, The Pink Stuff – The Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner might help you finish the job.

Toilet Cleaning Brush

The grimiest part of the bathroom isn't the toilet – it's the toilet brush holder. Think about the dripping wet brush you slip back into its holder after what you asked it to clean. It's all dripping through the bristles to settle in the bottom of the holder. It's beyond unsanitary. But, what are you supposed to do? The best way to counteract this bacterial breeding ground is by using the toilet seat to wedge the brush until it's dry. You still get the benefit of the toilet brush, but without the drawbacks of germs.

Tackling the Tub

The tub is often one of the most ignored spots because it's an uncomfortable reach. By the time the job is done, your back is breaking, and the result doesn't feel particularly worth it. But the good news is you can invest in an extendable cleaning brush to make the job quick and simple.

Even as you tackle the grossest areas when cleaning the bathroom, the job shouldn't sap all your energy and cost you a fortune. With the products and tools available at CleanHQ, your bathroom is sure to stay clean, smell fresh, and sparkle. 


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