I Used a Scrub Daddy on 5 Yuck Things & This is What Happened

By Carl Pronti

I Used a Scrub Daddy on 5 Yuck Things & This is What Happened

Your Scrub Daddy is the ultimate scrubbing tool for dirty areas. With an impressive range of uses, Scrub Daddy is compressible, soft and absorbent in warm water, meaning he’s firmer in cold waters. He can also remove the most stubborn debris without needing added chemicals. 

Here are 5 uses for your Scrub Daddy, and how he can relieve you of yuck areas:

Cleaning household surfaces

Our household surfaces can become particularly grimy, especially after a dramatic and messy cooking session. If you’ve thrown food and liquids all over your surfaces, Scrub Daddy can help! He is completely scratch-free, so you can scrub all manners of household surfaces including glass, granite, wood, and ceramics, without making any scratches.

Cleaning utensils

Not only does your Scrub Daddy always look happy to be cleaning your yuck areas, but his smile actually serves a useful purpose. Why not try cleaning your utensils in the gap? Conveniently, you’ll be left with clean knives and forks in a single motion – it’s simple, useful, and quick.

Cleaning glasses

There’s nothing more frustrating than a sponge that can’t reach the bottom of a mug or class. Not to worry, because your Scrub Daddy specialises in 360-degree cleaning. Being a circular shape, he can clean the bottom of any container while also cleaning down the sides at the same time.

Limescale on baths and showers

We’ve all experienced a build-up of limescale on our showers and baths. When left too long, it can be a nightmare to clean. However, Scrub Daddy is the answer. Scrub daddy is firmer in cold water, so run him under the cold tap for ultimate scrubbing power, and watch as he easily glides through the grime.

Cleaning ovens

You may hate cleaning the oven, but Scrub Daddy loves it! While this is normally a painful, tedious task, with scrub daddy it has never been simpler. He’s also useful for cleaning the grills on your BBQ, leaving them looking good as new in preparation for next time.


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