Innovate your washing up and home cleaning with these products

By Carl Pronti

Innovate your washing up and home cleaning with these products

Washing up and cleaning your home is just hard work, right? Well, it doesn't have to be. Recent years have introduced some handy gadgets into homewares across Australia, so let's take a look at how these products can help make your life easier.


Gone are the days of a messy sideboard, filled with clutter and leaving you no place to work. These Holsters provide handy silicone pouches for you to attach to the sides of your surface, helping to innovate your organisation. For example, you can keep your washing up sponge and scrubbing brush next to the sink, saving you worktop space and keeping your essential items close to hand.

Ideal for more than just cleaning products, their range of sizes could create a fancy new pencil pot or an accessible place to store your hairdryer. As a heat resistant and dishwasher-safe storage solution, Holster are perfect for a flexible range of purposes in your home.

Scrub Daddy

Now that you have somewhere to store your home cleaning products, you need something to do the cleaning with. Scrub Daddy is the only cleaning hack you'll need when it comes to washing up, as the reusable sponge with a difference. Its unique structure ensures that Scrub Daddy runs clean, eliminating debris and staying fresh for longer.

Ensure your dishes stay scratch-free, and keep your home clean by placing Scrub Daddy in the dishwasher too. You can even use Scrub Daddy on cabinets and hardware, allowing you to complete the cleaning at home in one go. Simple, right?

The Pink Stuff

We've covered the organisation and the tools you need to clean. Last but not least, you need a product that will shift the grime. The Pink Stuff is the miracle cleaning product that's taken the UK by storm. Now available in Australia, The Pink Stuff can help you remove those tough stains, getting your pots and pans looking like new. Available as a paste or spray, it's the innovative solution you've been looking for in your washing up and home cleaning schedule.


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