Happy Christmas! Great Gift Ideas For Clean Freaks & Organised Peeps!

By Tara Tyrrell

Happy Christmas! Great Gift Ideas For Clean Freaks & Organised Peeps!

Okay, so it might not seem like a “traditional” Christmas gift, for those of us who thrive in a clean house, giving the gift of cleaning is better than opening a box of something we don’t want on Christmas morning. And with CleanHQ, there are so many fantastic cleaning products available that the hardest choice is what to get.

Our first tip then, is why not get it all?

The CleanBox Subscription is filled with goodies that arrive every month – either once, twice or three times. You can subscribe for up to three months and you’ll get a box of hand-picked goodies delivered to your door each month you’re subscribed. From cleaning pads and scrubbers to stain removers and anti-bacterial cleanser, every month is a treat waiting on your doorstep! It’s a fantastic gift idea for your mum or in-laws, or why not treat yourself!

Looking for something more specific? How about there great ideas:

For a simpler option, Soap Daddy is one of our top selling products. You can use it with dishwashing liquid, hand soap or even shower gel and it’s a great gift idea for men and women! To use, you simply fill it with your favourite detergent, then press the top to apply soap directly, or give it a squeeze to dispense from the bottom.

The Pink Stuff Paste is a cleaning paste that is gentle enough to use on almost any surface, but tough enough to remove most stains. From cleaning tiles to glass, your oven and cooktop, to your door handles and even your shoes – it’s designed to remove stains, grease, and grime from hard surfaces, giving you sparkling results.

Whether your gift receiver loves doing the dishes, wiping the benches, or prefers keeping the BBQ clean, give them the gift of a Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy pack for Christmas this year. Scrub Daddy is a great scrubber to help get rid of tough stains and grime, while Scrub Mommy is great for dirty dishes, bringing up a nice lather of soap – with both the scrubber and a sponge.

Here’s one for the girls! For teenagers, mums, singles – anyone who loves their hair straightener, the Hot Iron Holster is a fantastic present idea. Essentially, the only problem faced with hair straighteners is where to put it once where done, without burning the sink. Some models get up to 260 degrees Celsius – youch, that’s hot! The Hot Iron Holster is made from heat resistant silicone that has been tested to withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees. Perfect. Pssst (guys, we’re talking to you!) – you can even use it for your BBQ tools!

There are so many great products available with CleanHQ that you’re spoilt for choice. Check out the range of cleaners, cloths, scrubs and accessories and you’re sure to find something for the clean freak or organised peep in your life. Just make sure you get your order in soon so it’s delivered in time for the big day! 


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