7 Unique Ways To Use Your Scrub Daddy

By Tara Tyrrell

7 Unique Ways To Use Your Scrub Daddy

Whether you have been relying on a Scrub Daddy sponge since it launched or you're new to the phenomenon, there are plenty of unique ways to use it. The standard uses are great, but have you ever wondered what else the Scrub Daddy is capable of?

1.Tackle Your Refrigerator

Experts suggest you deep clean your fridge every three months or thereabouts, which means you empty it, turn it off, and go all out. In the meantime, you can use your Scrub Daddy and if you're consistent, you might be able to hold off on that deep clean for every six months. It has the perfect amount of grip to grab those veggie bits in the crisper, crumbs, and spills, and it will easily reach all the nooks and crannies.

2.Freshen Up The Hot Tub

There are two great ways to use your Scrub Daddy on your hot tub. Your Scrub Daddy can tackle all of the surfaces to remove algae if it appears, and more regularly the grime that builds up from body oils and general debris from the environment. Additionally, you can use it on the jets. If you have jets in your bathtub, you can use your Scrub Daddy on them as well.

3.Clean The Caked Crock Pot

As handy as the liners are, it isn't always ideal for particular meals. So, when you use your crock pot without a liner, your Scrub Daddy can swoop in with its smiley face and remove all of that cooked-on, caked food that builds up around the sides of your pot.

4.Washing Pet Toys

What better way to clean out the inside of a Kong or tackle the challenging shapes and edges of a puzzle bowl than with a Scrub Daddy? Whatever the toy, this smiley little sponge will happily assist you in removing clumps of food and drool. You can also use it regularly to clean your dog's water and food bowls. It's quick, it's easy, and it won't scratch the bowl.

5.Deep Clean the Washing Machine

Your washing machine cleans your clothes, but if you don't clean it, you might notice a funny smell clinging to your clean tees. Over time, the drum of the washing machine builds up with body oils, flakes of skin, and soap. So, run a clean washer mode and then get in there with a Scrub Daddy to remove any grime that gets left behind. Don't forget to wipe in and around the rubber seal. This should be at least a monthly job.

6.Vegetable Scrubber & Peeler

Thanks to its incredible surface, while you use your Scrub Daddy to scrub and wash your veggies, it can even help you peel those carrots and potatoes as well.

7.Exfoliation & Tanning Assist

This is a two-fold tip. First off, you can use a Scrub Daddy much like you would a loofah. It's a great exfoliator, especially on your heels and elbows. Exfoliation is particularly important if you enjoy self-tanning. You can also use the Scrub Daddy to remove your self-tanner, you can easily remove it from your fingers, toes, wrists, and elbows when you're applied too much.

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