5 Quick & Easy Cleaning Hacks Using Things You Already Have At Home

By Tara Tyrrell

5 Quick & Easy Cleaning Hacks Using Things You Already Have At Home

Whether you make time for small daily cleans, tackle everything all at once, or pay someone else to do it, cleaning is a chore that cannot be avoided. When you're short on time, but you can't avoid it any longer, there are some helpful hacks to make cleaning quick and easy. You can get a lot done without spending your entire day on your hands and knees sweating as you scrub. Better yet, you can do it with items you already have at home.

1.Tackling Pet Hair

Pet hair gets everywhere, but even vacuuming doesn't seem to grab it all. You have two options to deal with pet hair. You can slip on a pair of rubber gloves and use your hands to rub against fabric and carpet to gather the remainder.

All you need to do is rinse them under water to unstick the hair you've captured. Or, you can use a pet brush to capture all of that excess hair. The brush is more useful on fabric.

2.Eliminating Foul Odours

What nobody wants to talk about is how open-plan living has impacted upholstery. Now, you have to worry about pet odours and cooking smells on your couches and accessories. With an easy combination of water, vinegar, and a favoured essential oil, you can rid yourself of the problem in one fell swoop.

Just be sure to test it on an unnoticeable spot and let it dry as a test before you use it on the rest of your items. You can vacuum the solution once it has had time to fully dry.

3.Embrace The Power of the Kitchen

Your kitchen is hiding a plethora of cleaning hacks. Lemons or limes are a powerful tool you can use to deodorise the bin, freshen up your drains, and even clean your microwave and oven.

Clear alcohol like vodka is the perfect solution for removing stains on the carpet. You might also get away with using white wine or rubbing alcohol. Start by blotting the stain and then pour a small amount of clear alcohol onto it. That should deal with the problem easily.

Olive oil isn't just for cooking, you can also use it to buff surfaces in a pinch. It's ideal for stainless steel and appliances, all you need to do is put some on a soft cloth and buff dirty spots in a circular motion.

You can also use baking soda and vinegar for things like cleaning your tubs and toilets and tackling limescale.

4.Dust with Coffee Filters

Whether it's electronics or furniture, coffee filters are an excellent tool for dusting. They are particularly useful for tackling screens and monitors because they don't leave microfibres behind like other clothes or towels tend to.

You can also use socks to dust your blinds and pillowcases for ceiling fans, which makes it easy to capture all the dust.

5.Utilise Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher does a lot of hard work, but do you know how much more it can do for you? It can safely wash shower heads, refrigerator shelves, baseball caps, rubber shoes, canvas shoes, rubber toys, mouth guards, shower heads, garden tools, and so much more.

Just be sure that you are regularly cleaning your dishwasher – if you run a wash like this, make your cleaning cycle the next program.

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