7 Amazing Cleaning Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

By Tara Tyrrell

7 Amazing Cleaning Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

Cleaning can be a chore, a job, or your favourite way to spend a Saturday. Whether you love to clean your space or you're paid to clean other people's, there are always new things to learn and tips and tricks of the trade to go around. If you find yourself with little time to clean, these tips will help you save time. So whether you're cleaning for 8 hours a day or just on your lunch break, these tips are for you.

Microwavable Sponges

One thing you might not have thought of when it comes to cleaning your sponges is to throw them in the microwave. The science says that nuking your sponges will kill up to 90% of bacteria. 

Hack: Even though they are designed to not hold onto bacteria, all of our Scrub Daddy sponges can be tossed into the microwave for extra sanitisation.

A Self-Cleaning Blender

Cleaning your blender can be an activity where you sometimes struggle to keep all of your fingers. While, of course, you're not running the blender and scrubbing it simultaneously, those blades are still plenty sharp when detached from the power part of the blender. One of the best ways to clean your blender without taking it all apart is to use Fabulosa dish detergent products and some baking soda, in with some warm water and blend that mixture into your blender. Then, rinse and repeat if necessary.

Lemon & Salt Your Shower Doors

If you've got some glass around, it's good to use a homemade concoction of lemon and salt to scrub it clean. The salt acts as an abrasive, while the acidity of the lemon helps destroy any bacteria. 

Hack: You can use our DishDaddy sponge loaded up with your pre-made mixture, so that he is always ready to go. 

Wax Those Taps

You might not think that wax paper has any utility outside of the kitchen - but you'd be wrong. Once you've got your taps spick-and-span using our Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner, rub them down thoroughly with wax paper. Wax is a natural water repellent, so those taps will stay clean for longer in the future.

Window Screen Saver

Nobody thinks to clean those mosquito-stoppers on their windows, but they deserve attention too. Left uncleaned, your window screens can make your windows even dirtier. A simple trick of using dish detergent on your window screens could save your windows.

Vacuum More Than Just Your Floor

You might think that you can only use the vacuum on the floor - but you'd be wrong. You can also vacuum your blinds. A quick run over your blinds with the vacuum nozzle will suck up dust. Alternatively, you can use our Minky cloth to dust your blinds.

Carpet Stain Removal Magic

Getting tough stains out of carpet can be a real pain. But that's probably because you've not used the best trick in the book - vinegar and an iron. A mixture (1:3) of vinegar and water, put through the iron - plus some elbow grease, is your ticket to a clean carpet.

No matter how often you clean, these shortcuts will undoubtedly be useful to you to help you speed things up or use a different, better product. Check out all these products and more on the CleanHQ website today!


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