The 9 areas you are probably missing when you clean your home!

By Carl Pronti

The 9 areas you are probably missing when you clean your home!

We hate to break it to you, but your clean home may not be as clean as you think. In fact, there are many areas we ignore or simply don’t think about when we go about our chores.

We know you are aware of how closely the cleanliness of your living space is tied to the health of you and your family, so we want to help you with your cleaning regimen. There is nothing dust, germs and odour love more than hiding out in difficult to reach places. While countertops and bookshelves may be obvious focuses of our dusting and disinfecting, don’t forget to think like a germ.

Run Scrub Daddy along the underside of your tables, chairs and couches and you may be amazed to find the amount of dust, dirt, forgotten bits of food or even hidden insect eggs you’ll find.

Here are 9 other areas you are probably missing when you clean your home.

1) The underside of furniture – The underside of your furniture is basically Narnia for dust, dirt and lost earnings.

2) Behind the toilet – Make sure you run the mop behind the toilet for a comprehensive clean.

3) Tops of cabinets – Get a step ladder and bust the dust that lies out of your line of vision.

4) Doorknobs – We touch doorknobs probably more than anything else in our homes and give them the least attention when it comes to disinfecting.

5) Rubbish bins – If you can't find out the source of the bad smell in your kitchen, give your bin a good wash!

6) Under the fridge – Get some help to shift the fridge to clean everything under there, from wayward grapes to dried juice stains.

7) Base boards – A notorious haven for dust.

8) Shower curtains – Watch out for mildew and mould.

9) Ceiling fans – Get rid of dust and spider webs.

Scrub Daddy and The Pink Stuff are great weapons to add to your arsenal in your ongoing war against the nasty unseen things in your home. If you check out our Pink Stuff bundles, you can even grab a great deal and get them both in one go.


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