Fabulosa Launches In Australia

By Sindy Nguyen

Fabulosa Launches In Australia

“It all started as a fabulous Australian dream.”

That’s right Australia, Fabulosa has officially launched down under!

Let us introduce you to Fabulosa - the cleaning brand that the UK can’t get enough of has officially hit Australian shores.

You can no doubt empathise with us when we say that variety is the spice of life.

With our constant stream of tantalising fragrances, Fabulosa cleaning products ensure your home stays fresh, healthy and clean all year round.

Who is Fabulosa?

In essence, we’re a UK family business whose popularity has seen the Fabulosa brand expand to continental Europe, the Middle East and now finally into Australia.

After selling in excess of 50 million products featuring over 100 different fragrances, you can quickly get an idea of why the brand has been so successful.

Their variety is simply unrivalled.

Fabulosa fragrances are a year-round experience for your senses.

Summer to autumn and winter to spring, the constant stream of new products added to the Fabulosa range will have you coming back for more.

But Fabulosa is more than a brand of cleaning products.

Fabulosa is a lifestyle!

Our mission is to offer more than just cleanliness, but to feel safe, love and share your fabulously fresh home with those closest to you.

“The future is looking more Fabulosa than ever before.”

Why choose Fabulosa?

There’s no doubting the global Covid-19 pandemic has infiltrated all facets of our lives.

We now take our personal hygiene more seriously and have taken our focus on household cleaning to a whole new level.

Consistent general cleaning and disinfecting has become commonplace around the home, especially if you’re sharing your space with family or friends.

Fabulosa cleaning products not only kill 99% of bacteria and viruses, but will also say ta-ta to all of those nasty smells we live with.

Providing you with fresh and tantalising fragrances all year round, Fabulosa will breathe new life into places you thought no longer possible.

The Fabulosa Range

Keeping a selection of Fabulosa cleaning products around the house will ensure your home remains clean, fresh and safe for you and the family.

Let’s take a look at the full range to hit Australia and go over how to use your Fabulosa product of choice.

Antibacterial cleaners

Coming in a concentrated disinfectant or multipurpose spray, the Fabulosa range of antibacterial cleaners will stop germs and viruses in their tracks.

Concentrated Disinfectants  

Our concentrated 500ml disinfectants are perfect for general household cleaning of all surfaces and floors.

Featuring a renowned 4 in 1 action, the Fabulosa range of disinfectants will: 1. Disinfect 2. Remove dirt and grime 3. Shine 4. Leave a deliciously fresh fragrance.

As we spoke about above, Fabulosa fragrances are an experience for your senses.

With a constantly updated range of scents, why not start by choosing between blossom or our stunning, sumptuous fruits disinfectant fragrance options.

Multipurpose Sprays

The nifty spray bottles that come with our multipurpose anti bacterial ‘electrify’ sprays mean you don’t actually have to dilute the disinfectant before use.

Simply twist open the nozzle, give it a shake and you’re ready to spray and go.

Fabulosa’s natural makeup of non-ionic surfactants mean they won’t foam or leave a streaky residue after use.

Just a stunning clean in a choice of gorgeous scents like our personal favourite, pineapple and coconut.


Fabulosa disinfectants are an extremely effective, yet soft cleaner you’re able to add to your regular laundry cycle.

Laundry Cleansers

All you need to do is add a capful of any of our cleaners into the liquid dispenser of your washing machine.

Use them as a standalone cleaner or alongside your normal washing powders, the choice is entirely yours.

Fabulosa laundry cleansers will freshen your washing, while killing 99% of germs that cause foul smells in both cold and hot water.

All that’s left to do is pick the fragrance that matches your personality: ● Electrify ● Fresh breeze ● Precious gold

Spray and Wear

For those busy moments, our spray and wear range offers a wrinkle free system that quickly freshens your clothes.

Just spread them out, spray the product on and you’re good to go.

Let’s just say the fragrances are immediately apparent, so it may be worth finding your ‘sweet spot’ before the stress of your morning rush hits.

Choose between electrify, fresh breeze or precious gold and eliminate 99.9% of odor causing bacteria without a time consuming wash.

Welcome to Fabulosa Australia

As you can see, the constant stream of tantalising Fabulosa fragrances will keep your home smelling great, protected, and sparkling clean.

So come on Australia, what are you waiting for?

Check out the Fabulosa Australia website or shop the full range today, all right here on CleanHQ.


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