Spick and Span: Kitchen Cleaning Must-Haves

By Carl Pronti

Spick and Span: Kitchen Cleaning Must-Haves

The kitchen might be the hub where everything happens, but many hot spots get overlooked when it comes to daily clean-ups. That's why it's so important to stay on top of kitchen cleaning.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a culinary novice, we’re about to give you access to the secrets of a sparkling kitchen sanctuary.

Washing Up

Washing up is a multi-daily activity, and if you stay on top of it, your kitchen will easily look tidy enough if a visitor drops by unexpectedly. It's not a job anyone enjoys, but there are plenty of ways to simplify it.

The Dish Daddy Starter Pack is a great place to start to get all your basics handled. It comes with the Dish Daddy, two refills, two scourers, a dishwand adapter, a brush head and a Scrub Mommy. It's every piece of kit you need to tackle any dish. Just don't forget to pick up the OG Scrub Daddy and the caddy to store him safely.

Of course, the Dish Daddy Starter Pack doesn't come with washing up liquid. Luckily Clean HQ has you covered with the fruity fragrance and deep cleaning abilities of Fabulosa Washing Up Liquid Rainbow Drops.

If you need a heavy hitter to tackle baked-on casserole dishes or serious carbon from burnt dinners, Astonish Grease Lift has you covered.

Countertops & Floor

It was voted the best cleaning spray in the Cleanie Awards for a reason, and The Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Cleaner is about to be your new best friend. You can tackle even the toughest countertop stains with this miracle product. Unlike other cleaning products, you can simply spray down your countertops and wipe them clean seconds later. There's no need to wait a minute or more for it to take effect.

The Pink Stuff Wash-Up Spray is another must-have for your kitchen. All you have to do is spray your dishes, wipe them down, and give them a quick rinse before leaving them on the rack to dry. It's the perfect solution for those lightly soiled dishes.

If you do have heavily soiled dishes, you can still use the wash-up spray and let the foam rest for a few minutes before you wipe and rinse. If you're using the wash-up spray before the dishwasher, ensure you fully rinse the dishes first, or they will clog your dishwasher.

You will need a handy kitchen pad and cloth to do the wiping up and wiping down and for that – there's Minky! Wiping your countertops is another activity that should be carried out regularly throughout the day to avoid drips and spills that attract pests and make the area look generally untidy.

Don't forget to sweep up or vacuum at the end of each day, and use a heavy-duty floor cleaner once a week to mop up.


From using your Minky Pad to wipe down the microwave interior to using the right deep cleaner for your washing machine, there are tools to keep your appliances in optimal condition.

If you have a dishwasher, ensure you pick up the Vamoosh Dishwasher Cleaner. It cleans grease, grime, and battles nasty odours while cleaning hygienically and eliminating limescale. It's also simple to use – open the outer sachet, pop it on the top rack, and run the longest cycle while the dishwasher is empty.

Whether you're buying your kitchen must-haves or thinking about other rooms in the house, CleanHQ has everything you need.

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