CleanHQ's Top Cleaning Picks For April

By Carl Pronti

CleanHQ's Top Cleaning Picks For April

Every month is a great time to deep clean, but there's something about the crisp, clear autumn days that makes it the perfect time to prepare your home for the winter months. Before you tackle that deep clean, CleanHQ has some top picks for April that you simply can't do without.

1.  Scrub Mommy Aussie Shapes

The Scrub Daddy team have been at it again; this time, they've delivered Scrub Mommy Aussie Shapes. Why not clean with a reliable sponge shaped like a koala, quokka, or kangaroo? The Aussie Shapes are made just like the original Scrub Mommy, with a firm texture in cold water and softer in warm water.

You can use your Scrub Mommy Aussie Shapes to tackle the dishes, countertops, mugs, toilets, lawn furniture, or anything else. Just make sure to assign one to each task to avoid cross-contamination.

2.  The Pink Stuff Miracle Scrubber Kit

If you're looking for a cleaning miracle, look no further than the Pink Stuff Scrubber Kit.

It's the perfect tool to make deep cleaning a cinch! Forget awkwardly angling a toothbrush around sinks, taps, bathroom tiles, and kitchen hobs. The Miracle Scrubber Kit has four separate heads, so you can choose the perfect scrubber to tackle any cleaning task.

Don't forget to top up on your Pink Stuff Paste so you have the perfect cleaning partner for your new scrubber kit.

3.  The Pink Stuff Floor Cleaner

The final job on any deep cleaning list is the floors. Since you have gone and saved the best for last, it's only fair to highlight the Pink Stuff Floor Cleaner. You can use it in any room; you don't need to rinse it away after use. It cuts through grease, and grime, leaving your floors spick-and-span. Mopping without water and a bucket? Now that's what I call innovation.

4.  Fabulosa Laundry Perfume

If you're tired of someone's rugby kit spreading a stink to the rest of the laundry, there's a cleaning solution for that. Fabulosa Laundry Perfume comes in three scintillating scents, whether you prefer a Fresh Breeze, Coconut, or Lush Pomegranate. It's so easy to use, simply shake the bottle and add a cap full to the softener drawer (or directly to your laundry) before you run the dryer.

5.  Astonish Grease Lift

If you're tired of using too much elbow grease, there's a solution in Astonish Grease Lift. It's so easy to use. All you need to do is spray down your offending casserole dish. Let it sit with the solution for around two minutes, then wipe away that caked-on mess. You may need to repeat the process for heavily caked items (like that lasagne dish).

Whether you're ready to try April's Top Picks or you need to top up on your favourites, CleanHQ stocks a wide range of cleaning products from the biggest brands. You'll find a product for every need, whether you're planning a serious deep clean or looking to maintain a tidy house.


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