Making your spring clean a breeze

By Carl Pronti

Making your spring clean a breeze

Spring is here and there's no better time to implement a few cleaning hacks, and reclaim some space at home. It's an arduous task relished by few, so let's discuss a few ideas to clean up your spring cleaning process, aided by some innovative new products along the way:

- Be time efficient

If you're taking on a big job, going over the same steps twice is only going to make the job harder still. To help here, try to combine jobs together, to avoid retreading the same ground. For example, if you're in the kitchen to clean the bench-tops, consider doing some general tidying of the space at the same time. You're going to have to take everything off the bench to clean up properly anyway, that doesn't mean that it all needs to go back on.

- Have an assigned storage space

Not everything in your home is going to need to be easily accessible all the time, so having a space to store things away (such as photo albums or camping gear) is going to be a good idea. Inside that space, be sure to optimise it, with storage tools like Tubtrugs. With them being flexible, reusable tubs, it'll mean that you can store a strong variety of items there, making the most out of the space you have.

- Plan ahead

Having a plan before starting your cleaning has a lot of benefits, and is going to mean that you don't have to waste too much time. Making sure you are properly stocked with cleaning supplies, for example, is going to be a key part of organisation. If you know in advance that you have some tough grime to take care of since you haven't cleaned the barbecue in a year, picking up a tub of The Pink Stuff paste in advance is going to go a long way in helping the process. If you have help, making sure that people know what they are doing means you won't do the same job twice. The list of planning benefits goes on, but be prepared.

- Use the chance to reset routines

You've cleaned up all the messes your pets have created, the garden is tidier than ever and you've never been more organised in your life. It's all going to be for naught if processes go back to normal and the mess is back in a month. Have the plan and tools available to keep your clean lifestyle up. With tools at your disposal like the reusable Scrub Daddy, your cleaning can become easier than ever, making your ongoing plan to keep your home clean a breeze. 10 minutes a day is always less painful than 10 hours once a year.

The above cleaning hacks should be guaranteed to make your spring cleaning a breeze, so all the best over the cleaning season!


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