10 seriously satisfying before & afters

By Carl Pronti

10 seriously satisfying before & afters

Let's face it - One of life's guilty (or not so guilty!) pleasures is seeing something dirty, grimy or even disgusting, and watch it become sparkling clean and anew. The disgust at an item or environment in its 'Before' state is more than forgotten at the sight of its 'After'.

Here at CleanHQ, we've done the dirty work for you and compiled a list of 10 of our most satisfying Before and After clean ups, whether that be of a common object, household room, or workplace. Let the jaw-drops commence...

1. This side-by-side shot of a half-clean roof

This is one seriously satisfying "cleaning in progress" picture. Seeing the vibrant red pulled back from beneath a thick layer of black grime and dead plants just makes our hearts sing.

2. This grouting getting some much loved TLC

Granted, it's one of those areas we always forget to wipe when cleaning our bathroom. But...the grouting between bathroom tiles can get seriously filthy, as this Before and After shows us.

3. These tiles that don't even look the same clean

Honestly, can you blame us for thinking these two pictures are of two completely different sets of tiles?! The difference a power wash can make to your garden, huh?

4. This hob getting new shine

Thanks to a great cleaning hack, this person's hob was treated to a new lease of life. Imagine the first pot of pasta to go on a ring after it's been cleaned...absolute bliss.

5. The toilet that is now a worthy throne

When we want to do our business, we want to do it somewhere clean and comfy. In its Before state, this toilet wasn't even worthy for our dog's backside. Now, however? Scooch over, Rover.

6. This nifty storage hack for your bags

Here at CleanHQ, we're big fans of anything eco-friendly - this includes upcycling a simple cloth bag into storage for all your other bags. Big thumbs up from us!

7. This charming and spacious bedroom

All this bedroom needed was everything put away in its proper place and bam! It's perfectly spacious and we can totally imagine chilling in there after a long day at work. Actually seeing the floor is a bonus, too.

8. This magical disappearing of rubbish

Whatever the reason for letting this much rubbish pile up, we're awfully glad to see it go. Just lots of bin bags and lots of disinfectants, we imagine.

9. This glamourous make-up area

The Before picture is the standard for many Aussie girls... the After picture is the dream of every Aussie girl. What a difference some storage boxes and dreamy lights make.

10. These bathroom products tidied away

Let's be honest - we've all had cluttered cleaning products shelves like this. But the solution is simple! Just invest in some cheap boxes or shelves and you're good to go.


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